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I'm hoping this community can point me in the right direction for this goal.  I live in SW Idaho and have used a lot of wood for warming my home during my first winter here (I'm loving it out here though).  Research looks like I could get a wood cutting permit this spring for a lot cheaper than buying the wood that I did.  I'm looking for some type of formal training on felling trees for firewood and all that's related.  I'm a novice at using a chainsaw but have never felled a big tree.  I'm hoping to find an organization or a professional who could show me the ropes to do this safely.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
What about the elect in the American Redoubt?
Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture / Re: Setting up for salmon eggs
« Last post by Cedar on Today at 08:20:17 PM »
I have only seen it in aquariums, not in an actual stream. I will be happy to watch your project and see the difference.

Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture / Re: Setting up for salmon eggs
« Last post by archer on Today at 08:10:01 PM »
thx. it is...
Interesting read, thanks K.  Crestview's not bad, though it is a little close to Eglin and Hulbert AFBs and Pensacola NAS is next door.
Pistols and Handguns / Re: Revolver Resources
« Last post by archer on Today at 07:47:02 PM »
oh cool. thx... i carry a revolver when i carry right now.
This is great info. We are to close to military bases. So not in a good location. Also three and a half hours outside of Wash. DC.  If something really bad happens and we have enough time we are going to head up to my grandparents old homestead. It is located in Lynchburg VA so we should be fairly safe there.
Emergency Preparations / Re: Prepping for War
« Last post by Applejack on Today at 07:28:34 PM »
Lots of great info here. I to am not prepping for a war, but I am doing a lot of reading on what to do if it does happen. Mostly I prep for hurricane season, but so far the past few years we have been blessed in that area. I am more concerned of an EMP or total collaspe of our country. Bank failures, etc. I have been prepping for things like this but the EMP part is not an easy task. Still a lot to learn. I do think that N. Korea will send missals that would put us in the dark ages. I also would not rule out Russia nor Iran. Neither can be trusted. I am however looking into radiological supplies.  I do have the iosat potassium iodide tablets but for nuke attack I think it would be more of an EMP. If a nuke was to hit it most likely would come first from N. Korea and then Russia and Iran would join in..  I have also heard that in a case of war that FEMA can go door to door to take your food supplies, ammo and anything else they could get for distrabution for everyone.  I think that is why I keep hearing about people hiding long term food, etc. underground or in different places to make it hard for them to find. They would then only be able to take what you have that you would not care if they took. I am checking to this to see if they can really do that. We are growing our own food and canning as much as possible for any hard times as my daughter and one granddaughter and her husband has already had to use my stock pile for hard times when my son in law lost his job. My granddaughter and her husband are still trying to get things together as they have only been married two years and have to many bills. College, two car payments, etc. They are trying to get everything paid off now. So we help them with food. Lots of reasons to prep.
Pistols and Handguns / Re: Revolver Resources
« Last post by NWPilgrim on Today at 07:04:58 PM »
Google "jerry miculek revolver technique" and lots of good videos/articles come up as well.  I first heard of Jerry many years ago in regards to revolver shooting and was amazed he was just as accomplished with pistol and AR15.  I imagine he is fantastic with shotgun and anything that shoots.
Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture / Re: Setting up for salmon eggs
« Last post by Cedar on Today at 06:49:16 PM »
This is Archer

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