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The HAM Radio Board / Re: Man my J pole mojo is very low. Two fails.
« Last post by Carl on Today at 05:55:38 PM »
  Have you a 'system' of SWR testing antennas ? As in test SWR at 145 MHZ and 147 MHZ ,if SWR is higher at 145,then antenna is too short, If higher at 147 the antenna is too long...When you cut to should cut 1/8" from the short side and 3/8" from the long side...the antenna should stay very close to a 3 to 1 ratio in length from measuring full length of long vs short elements from the shunt at bottom of antenna.
good for you AppleJack! Glad to know this works.
Homesteading and Self Reliant Living / Re: Locksmith Scams
« Last post by Applejack on Today at 05:20:26 PM »
We used to be members of AAA and they opened a car care center down the street from us. We got our van inspected there and they screwed us over big time saying the ty rods were bad. Better yet when we got it inspected the second year we were told the same thing so we told them to put a rejection sticker on it. We had the van reinspected and the ty rods were fine and the one from the year before was never changed. It was the original ty rod. They not only lied to us but they charged us for replacing a ty rod they never replaced. needless to say it got reported and we dropped AAA after that. Not worth the money for the small amount of discounts you get. If I need a toe my insurance covers it anyway. So why pay twice.
Augar's have also been used for ice fishing. The above first post looks like some of the ones I have seen that was used for that purpose.  Nice find.
I know this is an older post but some very good advice here. My husband retired disability and we were reduced to one income after that till he had all his retirement in place. If it wasn't for our garden and my canning it would have been a lot harder for us. But the good side of it is we had the house payed for about two years before he became disabled. He has been disabled since 1994.  We have had to buy a new car twice in that time as last time being in 2013 which we paid off in 24 months. So we have no bills other than insurances and utilities.  That garden has helped us to save a great deal on groceries. Our grocery bill on a weekly bases is about 25 to 35 dollars a week. It does go up a bit over holidays but not by much.  I feel we have been very blessed that we have been able to live comfortably without any major problems. We do not use charge cards either though we do have a couple for emergency reasons and hope we never need to use them.
Big dive in prices across the board.  Bitcoin is approaching a 50% drop from its all-time high.

Food Preps / Re: Outfitting the Kitchen
« Last post by LVWood on Today at 03:22:04 PM »
Silly me.
I was thinking

Homesteading and Self Reliant Living / Re: yurt platform/land pics
« Last post by Applejack on Today at 03:22:02 PM »
I have seen these before and think they are really cool. That really looks nice.
I meant to say the upper part above the short part was 39
Overall it was 59 until I started trimming it.

Im not sure but I might have had the coax center on the short lead. I thought it was like a dipole and didnt matter.
So much to learn.

Ill try again.

It ain't a di-pole, it's a j-pole ;)
Food Preps / Re: Outfitting the Kitchen
« Last post by Smurf Hunter on Today at 03:15:57 PM »
What the heck is an instant pot? I gotta google this. I received a cookbook for instant pot from a relative but I have no idea what it is.


Explained here:
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