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  Just wait till Walmart launches their Nationwide Health Care ....

You kid, but from a logistical stand point that makes sense.

Here's a tinfoil hat scenario to kick off your Monday:

There is a nation-wide pandemic and there's a mad rush to vaccinate 300m+ people.  I can think of worse ideas than setting up mobile clinics in Wal-Mart parking lots.  Of course some military reserve personnel to maintain order would be advised...
  Just wait till Walmart launches their Nationwide Health Care ....
DIA is the largest private employer in CO? The other black states make sense, but this one is an outlier. I thought for sure it would be Kaiser Permanente, or CU.
Imagine if Walmart ever took a dive.
1.4 million US employees on the street.

Even in the extremely unlikely scenario where all 1.4 million were all spontaneously unemployed, that's still less than 1% of the entire US workforce as of 2016.

I think the bigger picture is not employment security, but rather influence.  If there's legislation viewed favorable to Wal-Mart, we have a decent idea which regions would support it.
Likewise if there are proposed changes to healthcare or funding for public universities, many states will be sensitive to those.

You can't blame a person for serving their own interests, but as those interests gradually consolidate to serve a few large parties, I think that's a dangerous situation long term.
Communications / Re: Back again with a radio question
« Last post by Carl on Today at 09:55:15 AM »
  The Yaesu FT891 is a small radio but remember that small radios are small because something was left out...Antenna Tuners are a must have iten for HF radio these days .or at least a tunable antenna and most antenna matchers are about as big as this radio. The HF radio,even with manufactured antennas,will really need a tuner for protection and optimum output on manufactured or makeshift antennas . You can still have a small radio ,if you call the antenna tuner part of your antenna.

  My antenna coupler in in an ammo box with plenty of wire for antennas and counterpoises that I call my antenna box.The antenna box has a 3/8 x 24 mount to use for a mobile whip and counterpoise wire or it can feed a wire antenna through a 4 to 1 balun and is powered from a pack of AA ENELOOP cells that get charged every 6 months ,even if they don't need it.

  SMURF is right though,most emergency work you might need to communicate during is going to be LOCAL and VHF/UHF will be a key player for such ,maybe a good tall position or portable pole....OR NVIS on 40-60-80- meters if pre arranged for local to medium distance communications and don't forget digital comms and the technology of satellite borne repeaters and transponders as they can do good comms even when HF is marginal.
The Recipe Board / Re: Food Storage Friday Challenge
« Last post by LVWood on Today at 09:44:06 AM »
Don't forget the cornbread!!! :)
Imagine if Walmart ever took a dive.
1.4 million US employees on the street.
Missouri, 22LR readily available at stores (and now lumberyards that normally didn't sell ammo) for $4.99 per 50, any day, always in stock now.
Strangely, Walmart is still selling out by 8am every day.

I hardly even look at anyone's prices anymore, as I'm not interested in paying a high price.

Yea, $5 for 50 is expensive, and that likely isnt even the better type of .22 rounds.

Personal note: I find it rather odd I live in one of the few states not dominated by Wal-Mart, healthcare or higher education.

Full article:
Midway is 2 hours from us. I like to stop in there when I go that way.  8)
I leave drool on some of their antique guns. He's quite the collector.

That's why my new 12 gauge double barrel coach gun had some surface rust......
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