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Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by Applejack on Today at 06:26:56 PM »

I have problems with my hands lately and I am doing my first English paper piercing quilt.  I have found sewing clips to be so much easier to work with than pins.  I still use pins when needed and I am loving the long glass head pins I got for Christmas but the clips are easier.

I have seen those clips but never bought any because I never knew of anyone that tried them. Maybe after seeing your post about how much easier they are I will get some to try out.
Thank you for that info. It really helps.
Emergency Preparations / Re: Price of gas this week?
« Last post by Applejack on Today at 06:24:07 PM »
Gas here in VA is now $2.29 up to 2.37 depending on where you go.

Pistols and Handguns / Revolver Resources
« Last post by Chemsoldier on Today at 06:02:06 PM »
A place for things useful for the revolver user.

The revolver is a capable defensive tool. In a few niches it is more capable than most autos. However the most commonly used/carried revolvers are not easy to use well. Like any weapon, if you are to use the revolver, dedicated study is helpful.

Here is a blog for revolver enthusiasts.

The tactical professor is a dedicated snub nose revolver student as well.

Ed Lovett's book is about the snub, but the former CIA clandestine service member included as much mindset material as snub material in it. It was especially valuable when published as mindset info was not nearly as commonly discussed when first published

Finally Grant Cunningham may have more published on the snub nose revolver than anyone else in the industry. Trainer, author and revolversmith.

If you have revolver resources for the group, post them here!

Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture / Re: Compost questions
« Last post by Stwood on Today at 05:55:48 PM »
My compost 'style' is:
1. Table scraps get fed to the chickens.
2. Whatever they can't eat (peels, coffee grounds, etc), goes in the compost piles.  Same with chicken poo, straw, grass mowing, leaves, garden clippings, fire ash, dirt, etc...
3. I may turn my compost piles once a year (I did last year, not sure if I did the year before).  Mostly because I do it by hand and I don't feel like using my time to turn it.  But, like CharlesH said, it'll break down at some point.

My chickens love scratching around the compost pile (tons of worms, larva, and other bugs in/under there).  With chickens you have a few 'wins' from a function stacking perspective (eggs, meat, compost, waste, and they keep the kids entertained).

This is my style.
My bin is nothing more than tin stood up (4 sides 4'x16') with pipes drove in the ground. Everything except most scraps get thrown in. I'll occasionally scope one end over on top of the other, but not to often. 
Food Storage Resources / Re: New canning flats deals/buys?
« Last post by Stwood on Today at 05:46:53 PM »
Just checked. Local TV station says 3 closing, none close to me.

Arghhhhh......same here.  :facepalm:
Firearms Training / Re: Chemsoldier's Pistol Training Log
« Last post by Chemsoldier on Today at 05:38:40 PM »
22 Jan:
AM: Basic dryfire routine
PM: Timed dryfire routine- the same routine but with a recorded par time for every repetition
Food Storage Resources / Re: New canning flats deals/buys?
« Last post by Redman on Today at 05:22:27 PM »
Just checked. Local TV station says 3 closing, none close to me.
Food Storage Resources / Re: New canning flats deals/buys?
« Last post by Redman on Today at 05:12:09 PM »
Checking the Houston, TX area but I doubt any closing.
Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture / Re: Setting up for salmon eggs
« Last post by archer on Today at 05:05:27 PM »
A bucket:

The 2 buckets in the creek:
Live Stock, Critters and Aquaculture / Re: Compost questions
« Last post by bigbear on Today at 01:44:02 PM »
Most of interweb sites say no avocado pits/peels, no citrus, no junk food (like anyone has left-over chocolate! ::)), no nightshade (tomato, potato), no apple seeds, nothing rotten/moldy...  But there's a good amount of "debate" with some science and antidotal evidence.

I trash avocado pits.  I highly doubt the chickens would touch it anyway.  The pits are simply too big.  But I haven't tried.  It's one of those odd things that I've seen on a dozen sites, so I figure there's gotta be some truth to it and not worth the risk.  The toxic chemical is persin.

I eat my chocolate.  End of discussion.  But I've never tried personally, but I would trust the experts on this one anyway.  Just like it's bad for dogs.

Chickens have an idea what isn't good for them or will kill them.  Though (like us) I can see them eating something that might not be the best for them (junk food) if you give it to them.  But as one poster on that thread says:  "common sense and moderation go a long way."

Most of the stuff I don't feed them goes in the compost pile (coffee grounds, tea bags, peels, etc...), and the chickens have access to that but don't seem to mess with the "bad" stuff there.

We live next to horse field.  My chicken often free-range over there and tear about horse manure.  I would imagine they would do the same with cow patties (I bet someone here knows for sure).  I've seen cat, dog, fox, and rabbit droppings in the yard and the girls don't touch them. 
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