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Re: Catfish
« Reply #60 on: July 31, 2012, 12:06:44 PM »
Yesterday while my wife was swimming at the lake I took some old bread to feed the fish and ducks off the end of the dock.   This dock was next to the boat ramp where people launched their boats to enjoy the lake.    As I tossed pieces of bread on the windward side of the dock I noticed most of the ducks hanging back and no bream eating the bread.   Noticing a large swirl I watched to see if it was a carp or maybe a bass in ambush of a bream.    I saw a fish that was too dark to be a carp and didn't act like a bass.    I saw two channel catfish about a foot and a half to two foot long.   They would attack the feet of any duck that went into their feeding area, including a hen duck with six ducklings.   They weren't big enough to have eaten the ducklings, but the momma and little ones left the area with haste.   No, my fishing gear was in my truck and we were in her car.
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Re: Catfish
« Reply #61 on: July 31, 2012, 06:30:52 PM »
For reasons unknown, I've gone catfishing crazy this year.  ;D I've been going out every day from 4:15-4:30 until 6:30 before work; Saturday nights from 8-1 or 2 am, then back out on Sunday mornings from around 4am till normally 9 or 10. I've yet to catch anything of size, but I catch a LOT in the 2-6lb range.
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Married White Male -looking for wild healthy mature Catfish. No smaller than 15 pounds but the bigger the better. Does not need to cook or clean, just needs enjoy munching on chicken livers and long fights on the beach. Please meet me tonight at Walborn Reservoir. Ill be waiting.

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Re: Catfish
« Reply #62 on: January 20, 2013, 08:08:00 PM »
I grew up on a creek , you fish them a bit differently than a pond or river.
On shallow creeks a lot of folks look for deep holes to catfish in ,  I look for anything knee deep or so . Ive caught big blues in water just over a foot deep , and like to toss my line near washed out root balls  or hole in the bank . Bait was always what ever jumped in or was in the water while walking down the bank . A cat fish (flathead, channel, blue) is a hunter not just a scavenger they will take prey thats natural to them  far before they will take liver or stink bait .
frogs, minnows, grasshopper, helgamites. bluegill, even mice work well, freshwater mussels and of course crawdads.
    Now if your going to fish with chicken livers get a can of sadines packed in oil , drain the oil into the livers and it will improve your chances of catching decent fish, you can eat the sardines as a snack while ya fish.
    Use a bobber  bait sitting on the bottom is more likely to catch bullhead or turtles , good eating cats like channel or blues tend to hunt their whiskers pick up bio-electrical signals to track down crayfish and live bait .Watch a school of catfish in a clear water way some time they hover a couple feet off the bottom and skim it when the pick up a bait fish or crayfish below them.

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Re: Catfish
« Reply #63 on: January 22, 2013, 07:08:03 AM »
I've caught the best cats on a rig with floating hook or with a float near the hook and the weight a foot or two above the bait (Kind of like a Carolina rig).   This keeps the bait from 4 to 10 inches off the bottom.   Keeps the bullheads and sucker/carp off the bait.

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Re: Catfish
« Reply #64 on: January 22, 2013, 07:24:04 AM »
Wanting to do more fishing this year as added to my 13. So flagging to see updates.

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