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Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by Stwood on Today at 09:01:31 PM »
Yesterday, fresh gas in the gen and tested. Started on 2nd pull.
     I have a security camera that records remotely to a hidden receiver/recorder. That way if the camera is smashed or taken, still have a record of license numbers, faces, etc.
Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear / Re: Want one of my knives?
« Last post by mountainmoma on Today at 07:34:23 PM »
I'd love to be in the running for the gerber folder or the buck sheath knife as it is a thin handle and I have small hands, prettiness doesnt bother me, I like using pretty things, I would put it to use culling old laying hens
Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by Knecht on Today at 07:03:30 PM »
I've decided I need to lose some weight, so I asked my friend who knows quite a bit about this topic for advice. The result being, I'm eating lots of rice twice a day and some meat once a day, plus some vegetables and fruit. The prepping point is, it gives me a great insight on what amount of rice and meat I need to function. It's a lot less than I thought. It also allows me to cycle my supplies. I eat rice a lot anyway, but this helps me to utilize some of the oldes meat cans as well (I prefer cooking fresh meat for this, but I'm planning to eat about one can every week).
Communications / Re: Countyomm GP5 SSB
« Last post by leadeye on Today at 06:35:31 PM »
I have been using the 10’clip on antenna provided but wanted to squeeze out a little more performance. Does overloading mean it damages the radio or collects to much signal?
Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear / Want one of my knives?
« Last post by David in MN on Today at 05:56:45 PM »
I'm doing a little cleanup around the house. I've got more than 50 pocket knives. Time to trim the herd. So I'm going to offer them to TSPF. These are 4 knives that are in working order, haven't been fiddled with (some have never been used) and just don't work for me. None are banged up or broken. Just stuff I don't use anymore. If you're interested in one post here and I'll randomize for a winner of each variety. You'll have to be willing to give me a shipping address (and you'll learn the location of my tactical house) obviously in a private message. I'm just trying to make use of things I no longer need. If you're young or have no money for a good knife this is an opportunity. Please be over 21 or whatever legal means in your neck of the woods.

In no order at all...

Gerber Icon Tanto (new ~$35)
This is a really good folder. I like it but for other knives do everything better. It's solid, beefy, and big. The grip is amazing and you won't regret having it.

Kershaw Emerson 6044TBLK 4000629 Modified Tanto (new ~$32)
This is the best grip on the market attached to the worst blade. Only beveled on one side and sticky to open or close. That said, it gets high reviews on Amazon.

CRKT Cobra Gold (out of production $??)
This is a sheath knife with a big blade that is a nightmare to keep sharp. The massive grip is great for those with hand problems. It was a gift in the 90s and the giver would not be happy that it collects dust in my garage. It's dull right now and I feel horrible how I'm treating it. The sheath is dust coated and the blade needs a new edge. But cleaned up it's a solid knife.

Buck 102 Woodsman (I think) (new ~$55)
I have no feelings about this knife. I've owned it for about 7 years and never used it for anything. It's pretty. Too pretty. Every time I would have used it I instead grabbed a Mora or a Condor. So it sits unused. Literally mint condition. I will confess I don't like the handle. too small and not a positive grip with respect to direction.

So there they are. I'll pay shipping if you're in the lower 48 and if the situation is otherwise we can discuss. All four are good knives I just don't use. Maybe one is something you've been looking for but either outside the budget or on the bubble. Maybe you just want to try something else out and "not working for me" doesn't mean "can't work for you". Think it over. I'll keep this thread open for a month or two and then ship to anyone interested.
My brother setup these around his home, good vision and lets you see at night:
Anyone in here have real experience with home surveillance camera systems?  We have an organized crime group (according to police) working my area breaking into homes and vehicles.  They come in and out every week or so.  Want a system to cover my perimeter and to film the corner by my house and the park across the street.
Communications / Re: Countyomm GP5 SSB
« Last post by Sailor on Today at 08:53:51 AM »
I have not used mine with any antenna over 50ft on camping clothesline reel, and it works well.  Good enough to decode psk using my phone.  So small no reason not have one. 
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