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What did you use for the bag itself?

It's a Rexall brand "Build your own First Aid kit" bag, purchased locally at a Dollar General store.  Looks like it may have only part of a promotion offer cause I can't find it online now, except in a pic at the Rexall facebook site,

For our vehicle kits I used shower/toiletry item bags purchased from a dollar store.  Inexpensive ($3? each), and they work well enough too.
Gardening and Agriculture / Re: What is this? Herb or Weed?
« Last post by Cedar on Today at 07:30:36 AM »
Cedar, This is it then.
I've done some research and found out that while it is an "invasive" weed/herb, it sure seems useful to me!

Made a file to share. Hope this works. You have to zoom in.

I will have to look at the flile when I can use my laptop, too small on my cell.

Wash a handful and put it in your salad, good with ranch dressing. But remember that anyone can be allergic to anything, so try one piece and wait 20 mins before having another piece. Just don't make a complete meal out of it the first or second try.

I had the v in, but you weren't showing up in search.  Took a couple days, but I see you there now and followed you.  Cheers!
Transportation / Rambo R750 Electric Bike
« Last post by bcksknr on Today at 05:39:21 AM »
     Just bought one. Haven't assembled it yet. Did the research and did a demo ride. I have a mild heart condition and my wife want me to ride with her on bike trails. I think this will work when I get too "pooped to pedal". It's off road capability might be a little overkill, but what the heck. I'll get back with a report after I get back from St. Joseph, Missouri eclipse viewing.
Gardening and Agriculture / Re: What is this? Herb or Weed?
« Last post by CagedFeral on Today at 04:42:30 AM »
Cedar, This is it then.
I've done some research and found out that while it is an "invasive" weed/herb, it sure seems useful to me!

Made a file to share. Hope this works. You have to zoom in.
Gardening and Agriculture / Re: Wicking beds
« Last post by Redman on Today at 03:10:37 AM »
That's a new term to me so I looked it up. Here is what I found, hopefully it will be of some use to you.

A wooden raised wicking bed. Notice the comments at the end.

Good luck.
Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by Greekman on Today at 02:22:22 AM »
...more antennas and more antenna & radio materials acquired. ATM I see them as a SHTF prep.

On Thursday i made a test batch of pickled thick skin peppers. They will be accompany the hot bean soup I will be making in winter...
An excellent thought experiment! a reasonable sum to work with but insufficient circumstance data. Will make the following assumptions: a Nuclear family of 4-6 in good health, they have a place to live with basic home furnishings, basic clothes and transportation. Because not having those things would by necessity change how one would utilize the $10K. They do not live in NYC, Chicago or San Francisco or similar places.

I like the way of breaking it down to 10 $1000 spending increments.

1) First $1000
      a) $500 Cash -$50 in 1's, $50 in 5's, $100 in 10's, $300 in 20's.
      b) $300 Prepaid Visa, with name matching my primary ID (this is for an emergency hotel stay at a decent hotel as they all require some type of credit/debit card to rent a room.
      c) $100 Document duplication, This is to procure certified copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses, DD214 and such.
      d) $100 Communications, for a prepaid and disposable cell phone and calling card. In any situation communications is key to recovery. Having some way to make calls without help/assistance/charity is critical.

2) Second $1000
      a) $550 Water and Water Filtration, 10 Gallons of bottled water ($9), A Berkey Royal and extra filters($450). Packable water filters like the set of 4 sawyer mini filters in the different colors ($85).
      b) $40 Granite-ware steel cook set with 1, 2 and 4 qt pots ( and lids). This provides a cheap easy solution to pots that can be used over any heat source to cook and boil water. Plain steel less chance of warping, cracking or breaking and lighter than cast iron.
      c) $20 Thrift or Dollar store silverware. Enough for the family. stainless steel mixing bowl and stainless steel dog/pet bowls one for each of you. Toss in a big spoon, spatula and tongs.
      d) $15 Bic Lighters and bag of Tea Light candles. Spend the extra for the actual branded Bic Lighters (they work).
      e) $100 2-Inexpensive headlamps ($35), 2-Mini Mag Lights ($35, because candling function is cool), Spare batteries ($30).
      f) $100 Knife and sharpening system. Gerber Strongarm ($55), Lansky Pro ($45) as examples.
      g) $55.00 Food. 25# bag of rice, 1 case of Ramen noodles or 5# spaghetti, Coffee/tea/drink mixes, Kosher/canning salt, pepper, the "4" spices, Canned Tuna, Canned fruit, all purpose flour or bisquick.
      h) $50 Basic First-Aid kit with small enhancements. Start with something like the Be Smart 50 Person kit ($22, this becomes the ouches and boo-boos kit). add 1 gal Distilled white Vinegar, 2 large bottles of hydrogen Peroxide, 2 Large bottles of 70% Isopropyl alcohol, 4x4 gauze, Generic Mucinex, Ambisol (topical pain relief/ toothache) and whatever else you can get with the balance of the $50.
       i) $70 Tools. 1-set of 8" slip joint pliers ($8), Milwaukee Ratcheting Driver ($20) or Klien 10n1 ($18), 10" Adjustable wrench ($12), 10" Groove joint pliers ($12), Claw head Hammer ($12), Pry Bar ($10)

3) Third $1000
      a) $30 Fire extinguisher
      b) $350 Pistol - Ruger LC9 or P95.
      c) $50 2-Spare Magazines
      d) $200 1000 rnds 9mm
      e) $200 Training/Licensing
      f)  $70 Holster and cleaning kit
      g) $100 Powerful Flash Light suitable for Target illumination/identification and incapacitation.

4) Fourth $1000
      a) $450 Basic "Camp" setup. Camp Cooker with fuel. Tent/Tarps and ground cloths. Inexpensive 3 season Sleeping bags. 40qt Cooler.
      b) $120 Extension Cords 1-50 12ga, 1- 100ft 14ga, 2 -25ft 16ga.
      c) $150 2- 5 gal metal gas cans plus fuel and spout.
      d) $180 p99 Air Masks
      e) $100 Toilet Paper, Toothpaste, Soap and assorted sundries

5)  its getting late I'll finish 5 through 10 tomorrow :)

Gardening and Agriculture / Re: Wicking beds
« Last post by Morning Sunshine on Yesterday at 08:49:19 PM »
Permaculture, Land Management and Foraging / Re: Comfrey types and facts ..
« Last post by racer038 on Yesterday at 08:04:22 PM »
I would say it's not too late to plant roots.  I'm in KY.   Last Sept. I pulled up most of the plants I had in a raised bed and transplanted.  Cut the long pencil thick roots into 1" pieces and planted horizontally.  Replanted the crowns. These were a mix of Bocking 4 and 14.  They did fine. This is in below average soil, I amended with some natural fertilizers.

I replanted the raised bed with herbs and mints this spring and the comfrey that was was left in the bed tried to take over.  It is quite hardy.  NOTE:  I had to spray my berries and trees to get rid of the Japanese Beetles.  Sort of pushed them over to the comfrey.  They REALLY like the comfrey leaves, which I did not spray.  After cutting the comfrey back to stubs on 8/1, they are already growing like "weeds".  Extremely robust plants.
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