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Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by Lostjagged on Today at 07:29:10 PM »
Had the first meeting of the local prepper group last night and updated my insurance today.
Do It Yourself - Projects, Ideas and How To / Re: Floor Redesign
« Last post by LvsChant on Today at 07:14:21 PM »
Are you pulling up the current (carpeting, tile, vinyl, wood, etc.) and planning to upgrade? I like tile a lot for ease of maintenance and cleaning. There are also so many patterns/colors to choose. The new Wood-pattern tile is very nice.

Personally, I don't like wall-to-wall carpeting anywhere in the house and probably will never have a house with it again... We add throw rugs to add warmth and color.
Medical Needs and First Aid / Re: california Hep A outbreak
« Last post by mountainmoma on Today at 06:59:42 PM »
DO you have a link to that article ?
Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by Stwood on Today at 05:12:02 PM »
People mocked me for changing brakes myself.  Using identical OEM part numbers as the lowest quote in town, I saved $500 doing it myself. 
Sure it took 2.5 hours and some four letter words, but it felt good to get it done.


I always figured that money you earned was yours too keep. Don't be giving it to everyone else for repairs.
The Front Porch / Re: Intro Thread
« Last post by Stwood on Today at 04:52:00 PM »
Welcome Coral
Any specs on the wire? Can it be purchased cheaper through MSC, McMaster, or Zoro?

Looks like standard safety wire, stainless.


I've experimented with coat hangers and cheap baling wire, but nothing beats SS safety lock wire.  I think I wind up using the 0.041" the most with my smaller bronze T-nut clamptite tool.
That does look pretty cool.

I've been making hose clamps out of plumbers tape or pallet strapping ever since I came across a guy on youtube showing how.

He also had a tool to make clamp from wire using a set of slip joint pliers.
Medical Needs and First Aid / Re: california Hep A outbreak
« Last post by Ms. Albatross on Today at 02:16:06 PM »
I have heard that San Diego is taking action on people sleeping on public sidewalks, due to this health emergency. Maybe Ms. Albatros can update afterimplementation with a local veiwpoint

I was going to get the vaccination this weekend but almost everyone is out and they only want to vaccinate high risk individuals.

While declining to say exactly how many doses the county has on hand, Wooten [Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego County's public health officer] said she believes that there is enough supply to keep giving shots to those who are at highest risk of infection, including homeless residents, drug users, those with existing liver disease, gay men and those with compromised immune systems.

Anyone outside specified at-risk groups, she added, are now being actively advised to wait due to the constraints on vaccine supply mentioned last week by the state.

"We are asking health providers to not vaccinate those individuals right now that might want to be immune to wait until the beginning of the year when more vaccine is available," Wooten said.

Another quote from the article.  It's hard for me to believe they don't have a better estimate of how many homeless people there are. 
She did say that there are estimated to be about 125,000 intravenous drug and methamphetamine users who are at risk along with somewhere between 9,000 and 25,000 people who are either homeless or who have insecure living conditions.

In response to the outbreak, there are attempts to get some off the downtown streets.  A "campground" on city owned land has been set up and it seems to be targeted for homeless women. 
Dozens of women, ranging from mothers with young children to seniors with walkers, arrived at the city’s first sanctioned homeless camp Monday with a mixture of trepidation, anxiety and hope.  [It] is expected to hold about 200 people. Monday was move-in day for about 65, including some of the most vulnerable on the street.

As the first wave arrived, the condition of some woman who might have been on the streets the night before was alarming. Many appeared to be at least in their 60s. One was severely hunched over and used a walker, one woman had a pronounced limp and a third had braces on both wrists.

A later wave of women were younger and healthier, but likely had other issues. Most of the arrivals Monday were picked up from Rachel’s Women’s Center, a drop-in facility that provides services for women who are homeless, have physical disabilities, are mentally or emotionally disturbed or in recovery.

I saw a news report two days ago about a Jewish community center that allows car camping.  They are strictly regulating who is allowed to stay and they have to sign behavior contracts.  The family they interviewed were very articulate and they were white and looked like educated middle class.

I was in downtown San Diego (to go to the main branch of the public library - which is ground-zero for the homeless population downtown) earlier this week and I saw usual numbers of homeless people.  I saw hand washing stations.  I've heard they are continuously washing down and bleaching sidewalk areas where the homeless congregate.

Bitcoin just blew through the $6000/btc and $100 billion market cap levels.  The entire cryptocurrency market is valued at $175 billion.

BTC started this year at $1000. wallets now handle bitcoin cash and all BTC held prior to the split have been converted automatically to BCH.
Communications / Re: network Gigabit Adapter
« Last post by surfivor on Today at 01:19:18 PM »
I just ordered this one from amazon for $110 including shipping ..

The wifi at this end of the house where the router is on the other side is flaky a bit even though I just ordered a new router from verizon. There are 15 other wifi connections in the neighborhood, though none show us as a supper strong signal. I am hoping this will improve the internet as I work from home.
This is supposed to be the best one based on CNET reviews
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