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Ye Olde Tyme Cookbookf & Recipef
« on: October 04, 2012, 11:51:41 AM »
Since ye olde tyme cooking seemf my theme of the Day.

A translation of archaic units of measure:

Man there are some cool and crazy cookbooks at that link. I wonder what beef, pickled for SIX WEEKS and smoked for THREE WEEKS would taste like??? Old shoes perhaps?



By Miss Leslie

Tenth edition


[Page 91]


The best part for this purposes the round, which you must desire the butcher to cut into four pieces. Wash the meat and dry it well in a cloth. Grind or beat to powder an equal quantity of cloves and allspice, and having mixed them together, rub them well into the beef with your hand. The spice will be found a great improvement both to the taste and smell of the meat. Have ready a pickle made precisely as that in the preceding article. Boil and skim it, and (the meat having been thoroughly rubbed all over the spice) pour on the pickle as before directed. Keep the beef in the pickle at least six weeks, and then smoke it about three weeks.

Smoke beef is brought on the tea-table either shaved into thin chips without cooking, or chipped and fried with a little butter in skillet, and served up hot.

This recipe for dried or smoked beef will answer equally well for venison ham, which is also used as a relish at the tea-table.

Mutton hams may also be prepared the same way.