Author Topic: Puerto Rico disaster - crypto vs precious metals vs barter - how did each work?  (Read 217 times)

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Good interview on how each performed in this extreme disaster:

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Interesting stuff.  Cash, PMs, barter all worked.  Credit cards no, and forget about bitcoin.  That jibes with what happened here after Katrina, sans the bitcoin part of course.  No electricity, no working credit cards.  However... with the new cellphone swiper dongles, if there's a cell connection, maybe cards would work after all.  But 12 years ago, you'd better have had cash.  Things came back together fast enough here that serious barter never really got going.

Strangely, I had no problem writing a check on a local bank to a contractor for some quick-and-dirty roof work.  None of the regular bills were coming in, but a couple of weeks later when they did, checks functioned normally.

It's not a money item, but the part at the 5 minute mark about FEMA tracking down people with clean water sources first thing on getting there was pretty creepy.  There are a several of ways to read this – public health concerns, facilitating distribution, or regulatory clampdown? – but from the way the interviewee talked, it sounded like the last one.

I swear, there are times it seems like "Baofeng" is Cantonese for "hot mess."

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Interesting, but not all that surprising.

The more I follow these situations (Venezuela, Puerto Rico, etc) the more I'm realizing the importance of having cash/credit on hand and easily accessible to put to use BEFORE the imminent tragedy strikes. I'm also learning the important of having friends outside of your immediate location that you can call on.

It's still very important to have a somewhat self-sustainable setup for unplanned events like earthquakes or unexpected grid outages that force a 'bug in'. It's also very important to have friends within your community that you can turn too (and who can turn to you) for assistance. The more useful skills you and those friends know, the better.

That said... I'm finding it's maybe more important to have access to cash/credit/PM's to put to use before an expected disaster... like a hurricane or governmental collapse that is imminent.

The people in PR who are the best off (outside of the "ruling class", who had to stay) are the ones who had the means to hop on an airplane before Irma/Maria decimated the island. On top of that, those who had friends/family stateside or at whatever location they bugged out too needed less resources at their disposal for hotels, because they could lean on those friends/family.

I don't know.. just stuff I'm keeping an eye on and trying to incorporate into my survival philosophy.

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WOW!  It's good to know that a mix is the way to go. I have a friend who is one of the 50 hams sent to PR. He is one of Region 5 Mars Ops. He told us that 4 repeaters are now set up and are the only island wide coms at the time he phoned us by satellite.