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Get the best deal anywhere on a Berkey -- gotta look in the bunker.
Financial preparedness requires the same discipline as learning any other skill.  And there are some great teachers out there,  Dave Ramsey for personal finance, and I also like Early Retirement Extreme, the Web site and book.

Jack said in one of his episodes that the next war will be financial.  I see a great risk here, but also it's fairly easy to prepare for if you can consistently manage your income and expenses and live below your means. 

Ferfal from Surviving in Argentina's book talks about owning real estate in secure neighborhoods, and basically all the old ways of making an income if the economy fails.

With most anything preparedness is one baby step at a time. 

If I die in my 90s with most resources gone, and I am not a burden to my kids, I would say that's an accomplishment.  It is a disappointment if the next generation was planning on inheritance.  I hope to leave something to my kids but that's up to God.  I can give the kids the right mindset to make their own way.
Other Energy Sources / Re: DIY Medical Device UPS with Battery Bank Backup
« Last post by survivalmz on Yesterday at 09:30:46 PM »
Got the model. It's a CyberPower OL2000. Basically the older model of this one

This is how the batteries are wired for it.

I believe I have the cables for the batteries as well.
So are those four 6V batteries wired for 12V? or 4 12V? What size can fit in there?

When you mentioned hooking it up to a deep cycle battery were you talking about trying to fit something within the case or separate?
Just trying to understand my options for batteries to get it up and running.
California doesn't allow flash hiders on semiautos, which is perfectly fine with me.
I am really surprised by the results here, both for the relatively few responses as well as that brakes are beating flash suppressors by 2:1.

The HAM Radio Board / Re: Introduction to NVIS
« Last post by Carl on Yesterday at 05:50:52 PM »
Yep,I plan to read some too. Good article,

OUCH, my head hurts...too many numbers...Great article though.
The HAM Radio Board / Re: Introduction to NVIS
« Last post by Carl on Yesterday at 05:02:37 PM »
A new paper on the topic:
Haven't had more than time to skim it, but it seems to have some interesting new stuff about antennas and digital signals.  Way more than the usual "hang a dipole 10' up and enjoy" ham presentations.

Yep,I plan to read some too. Good article,
Decide today how it's gonna' be for you later.

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