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I saw it pointed out (somewhere) that, in the Internet age, this will be easy, because you'll just give the delivery address to a database, and it'll spit out the current sales tax rate.  Cool, except for a few things:
  • This presupposes the states will jointly set up such a database.  (Or else it'll be left to private industry to do so, for which they'll undoubtedly charge a fee.)
  • There's still no simple way to pay the collected taxes, which means that businesses will have to file up to 45 state tax returns and possibly local tax returns.
  • It's not just the tax rate, it's also what is taxed.  If I build a website for my local roofer, my state charges zero sales tax on the service, but if I build a website for Jack, Texas charges 80% of its standard sales tax rate.

This is going to be very difficult for small businesses to deal with.
lovely. more taxes to the govs...
Can't say that I like it either.  The only silver lining is that local stores (and yes, big box brick-and-mortar stores too) now have the playing field somewhat more level with online retailers.

In a just world, the states would step up and drop their sales taxes across the board by some percentage so the whole deal is revenue neutral.  I'm not exactly holding my breath for that to happen.
Medical Needs and First Aid / Re: Oral Probiotics?
« Last post by minijas on Yesterday at 03:04:06 PM »
If you've had antibiotics in your life, it's definitely worth considering probiotic foods or supplements. The healthy gut flora gets demolished by modern medicine.
  More info: It will not ,or says it will not,charge batteries within the radio. The 'extra' FM bands were for old VHF TV channels 2 thru 12 but can hear some activity on them. I get about 40 hours 'play' time out of two AA batteries...and the earphone plug is STEREO.
Courthouse News, 6/21/18: Supreme Court Cuts Path for States to Tax Online Retailers

Reversing decades of precedent, the Supreme Court on Thursday held states may force online retailers to collect and remit sales tax on transactions even if they do not have a traditional storefront in the state.

The 5-4 ruling reverses the high court’s holdings in the 1967 case National Bellas Hess v. Department of Revenue of Illinois, and the 1992 case Quill Corporation v. North Dakota.

Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy said the rule that retailers must have a physical presence in a state in order for a state to compel them to collect and remit sales tax “is an incorrect interpretation of the commerce clause.”

He also called the regime “an extraordinary imposition” by the court on the rights of the states to collect taxes. ...
Thanks Carl....
Gotta love Amazon, it's up to 11.99
Gardening and Agriculture / Re: Goji berries are not doing well
« Last post by DDJ on Yesterday at 10:17:01 AM »
We loosened the soil underneath and 1 ahs perked up some the other is showing some new leaves. but nothing like the aggressive plant I understand Goji to be. We added some peat to the top and then dressed the ENTIRE area with a layer of wood chips.  By small I think the larger of the 2 is now 3 shoots coming from the ground and ZI would suspect that it is not 8 inches high.  The other has one shoot with less than 20 leaves.

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Now there's a Cheap Radio I can get excited about!  ;) Thanks Carl, mine is due here on Saturday.....
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