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Medical Needs and First Aid / Re: antibiotics???
« Last post by Alan Georges on Today at 06:44:57 PM »
Pure FUD:
Expect to see more of this in the future.  I think all of the author's major points have been adequately addressed already on this thread.  I'm just posting this as a heads-up on what some people are thinking.
@Jerseyboy: I agree with you... no matter the variety, homegrown always seems to be the best-tasting ever! I am really enjoying this year's crop.
No link. But check the Steve Harris stuff. On TSP and expert panel.
Emergency pump repairs have been underway for weeks now, and odds of Harvey amounting to anything significant up by New Orleans are very low.  Having said all that, it's criminal for the city to go into hurricane season without having the pumping system at 100% and fully tested.  If they screw up and flood it again, I'm guessing that the rest of the country will be loathe to bail them out.

I have several close friends over there who are watching this closely.  They just can't bring themselves to move out of that bowl, for whatever reasons.  ("And besides, we can come crash at your place!"  *sigh* Whatya gonna do?)  Anyway, here are a couple of current local stories on the matter:
Emergency Preparations / Re: What did you do today to prep...
« Last post by LVWood on Today at 05:51:24 PM »
I'm referring to his gas to bread method. Of using generated electricity to run a modern electric bread-maker to make real leavened breads not just primitive flat breads.


Do you have a link for this?
  PLUS ,New Orleans still has not repaired their pumps from over 10 years ago ....bunch of dummies.

Dummies indeed.
  PLUS ,New Orleans still has not repaired their pumps from over 10 years ago ....bunch of dummies.
Amateur Radio How-To's / Re: Experimenting with a DIY VHF Dipole
« Last post by Carl on Today at 05:21:26 PM »
add a couple more elements to the shield connected side and you have a ground plane....
Does anyone know of a Automotive GPS model that allows the user to program routes and waypoints rather than the standard start / end routing ?

Auto GPS are designed to be used to navigate roads by dummies. What your asking about is aMarine or Aircraft gps

I'd recommend a Garmin 478 but it's been discontinued. Lowrance makes a dual use unit.
The way to do what you want is to get a marine GPS that allows loading maps and from a maufacturer that sells maps you can upload to any of its GPS. Garmin has models like that and so does Lowrance.

To do what you want to do you will need to become at least semipro level of GOS user. If you like Garmin then stick with that brand just know you will have to jump through some hoops. An easier choice is to rethink what your doing and adapt it to the tool your using. Unfortunatly that puts you back to a Microsoft/Apple situation that requires you to work the way they want/expect you to.
Find a marine GPS from your manufacturer of choice and learn how to load the map pack you need.
I'm a multi platform user. Nowadays my MacMinis are relagated to house servers for the wife/kids.
There are simple, reliable and easy to use. I did not upgrade their os because I have some legacy programs and apple is famous for throwing us users under the bus during and after their upgrades. I found the quickest boost to the older MacMinis is an SSD and memory. Do that, keep the old iOS unless you really need some new feature and your machine will problably be good for years. I've migrated all critical needs to Linux or other platforms.
I am doing all I can to abandon Microsoft and Apple.
Call me foolish but I really believe my data is my own and how I use, interact and store it is my choice.
SSD and Memory are your best bets to keeping satisfactory performance on your older Mac Devices.

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