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This occurred a week ago, but one of the civilians waited a few days before talking to the press.

Spokane Spokesman-Review, 6/21/18: Pastor who shot suspect in Tumwater carjacking spree tells his story

...[David] George isn’t just the pastor of the Oakville Assembly of God Church. He describes himself as a trained EMT with the town’s fire department, a certified gun-range safety officer and a licensed concealed-carry holder who has trained for active shooter situations.

George is the man who has been called a hero for using the gun he carries to stop the bizarre and deadly rampage of carjackings and shootings by McCleary resident Tim O. Day that ultimately injured three people, one critically. ...

...[Tim O.] Day had attempted to take an occupied car at a gas station. Then he drove the wrong way down U.S. Highway 101, before exiting and crashing into another vehicle. He then attempted to carjack more vehicles, firing shots at the cars.

By that point, two people had suffered minor injuries, and Day successfully hijacked the vehicle that brought him to Walmart. ...

Day entered the Walmart, made for the back of the store and shot open a display case to get more ammunition. ...

The pastor hooked up with another armed civilian, who news reports have identified as Jesse Zamora, of Kennewick.

They followed Day outside, watching as he tried to take more vehicles. At some point, George drew his own firearm. He watched Day shoot twice into the driver’s side of a vehicle, critically injuring a man, and start to move toward where George thought his family might be.

George got into a position “to have a safe shot” at Day.

Day tried to take another car. George shot him. Day fell to the ground. ...
The HAM Radio Board / Re: Soldering PL259 Connector
« Last post by backpackman on Yesterday at 06:55:15 PM »
No one is as surprised as me that it actually worked. It is not pretty, but it worked. I soldered connectors on both ends, it passed continuity and I was able to receive.

I will have to do the wire in the wall next, but need some more connectors and adapters.
The HAM Radio Board / Re: Soldering PL259 Connector
« Last post by armymars on Yesterday at 05:02:43 PM »
47 to 60 watts works best for me for mini x. I like 80 watts for RG 8U.
The HAM Radio Board / Re: Soldering PL259 Connector
« Last post by backpackman on Yesterday at 04:16:43 PM »
Thanks Carl.

I have very little soldering experience so this is just gaining experience for me.

The tinning worked if I did not melt the insulator. I screwed on the connector and the shield was visible.

I soldered in the holes. Since I have a beginner soldering set, it took a long time to heat up. Once again, I hope I did not melt the insulator. Once it cools down, I will check continuity.
I started the first episode and I find myself struggling with it. It's artistically really good but then... My grandmother lost a brother on Anzio. My grandfather served in the Navy in Asia.

It's maybe the most difficult thing I have processed. I'll support free speech for Nazis but actually watching America Nazified enrages me to no extent. I've spent more than one Memorial day singing in German and Polish over the graves of the fallen heroes of my family.

It's really a hard thing to watch people with the Nazi armband treated as legitimate. I secretly wand to drag them all into a culvert and knife them to death while screaming the names of my family members who died at the hands of the 3rd reich. Most of my Polish family failed to escape. Nevermind the few Slavs in my family.

It's hard. The idea that they could have won... It's scary to let it into my head.
The HAM Radio Board / Re: Soldering PL259 Connector
« Last post by Carl on Yesterday at 03:23:47 PM »
  You will find it better to tin the shield with solder BEFORE screwing the connector in place and I much prefer the PL259 and a reducer to the threaded connector shown.
The Recipe Board / Re: Black Rice Bread (bread machine recipe)
« Last post by David in MN on Yesterday at 02:50:03 PM »
I ate last night at a friend's house and they are going gluten, grain, and sugar free to be more healthy. I was introduced to "broccoli bread" which isn't half bad. Found something close to give an idea here....

It yielded a funny conversation. I am dedicating myself to French and Italian bread baking which requires a long ferment with a slack dough and I am using poolishes, bigas, and naturally fermented levain doughs. I'm not on board to give up wheat but the old European bakers value what they call "digestability" which comes from a very full ferment of the dough. The irony is that both camps agree: Wonderbread is not good.
The Recipe Board / Re: Black Rice Bread (bread machine recipe)
« Last post by Mr. Bill on Yesterday at 12:39:23 PM »
Yeah, it's Forbidden Rice if you buy an expensive tiny package at a health food store, or Black Rice if you buy a cheap 5 lb bag at an Oriental grocery. ;D
The HAM Radio Board / Soldering PL259 Connector
« Last post by backpackman on Yesterday at 10:59:29 AM »
Hi There -

I am new around these parts and relatively inexperienced at ham radio. I appreciate any advice that can be given.

I recently moved into a new house. While it was being built, I had Mini 8/U wire routed from my office to the attic. Now that I am ready to make the connections, I am having a difficult time attaching PL259 connectors to the ends.

First, I do have the right connectors.

I have a wire stripping device and the depth appears to be correct such that I get this sort of result:

The problem is when I screw the PL259 connector, the outer wire peels back and very little wire can be seen through the two holes. This picture is not great, but displays the problem.
What am I doing wrong?

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