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Post by: RootStrike on February 03, 2011, 02:29:47 AM
Okay, saw this thread, thought, "why not?"

Recently wanted to add another CCW handgun. Had heard all the stories about Glock reliability, dependability, safe action trigger system, etc., etc. Also looked at stats for the Glock 27 subcompact. Nice rounded slide, light weight, decent capacity, reliable, so went and shot it.

Man, what a clunky grip! It feels like a block, and the bulge on the backstrap feels awful. In firing, I shot high, perhaps as it recoiled it kicked the rest of the grip back to angle up?

I have fired M+P .40c and full sized, they are excellent firearms, very durable and reliable, very cool looking. Their grip feels awesome, natural aim, I can shoot it super accurate. Not so with G27. But G27 is lighter than the M+P compact, overall length 1/4 inch or so shorter, slide slightly thinner. So I ended up buying a Glock 27, and then researched grip reducing companies and stippling.

Finally settled on I emailed Dale Hunnicutt a few times, talked on phone after I sent in order form. His price is the best I found where the result didn't look like crap. There were a couple sites whose work looked awesome but it was double or triple the cost, with waits of 1-4 months.

so anyway, I just want to say the work was great, very quick, I shipped the frame to him and had it back in a couple weeks, I think, with "smooth rubber carry" texture. It is very grippy now, points much better, and still looks good. I've been carrying it and like it so far. I still love the M+P compact, my one gripe is that I had a trigger job done to it, and I think it is too light of trigger now, so the Glock has a safer trigger in that regard. Also like the Kahr triggers, metal, double action, smooth.

Okay, here are pics of result:




So, the address is ( and I really like the work. The feel of the smooth rubber carry texture is like the "A-grip" grip cover material, but a bit more rubbery feeling. Very secure in grip, even if wet. Dale is quick to respond to questions. I had a great experience with his site and work. Just in case anyone was thinking about trimming their Glock grips but didn't want to do hole drilling, epoxy, etc. all yourself. He also rounded the front of the trigger guard to remove the point, at no charge. He textured 2 mag extensions too to match the grip. I have cloned out the serial numbers, of course, for these posted pics.
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Post by: RootStrike on February 03, 2011, 10:24:26 AM
Why is the "modify" for a post disabled after a number of hours? I was just going to modify but it only has "quote".

Okay, I tried posting pics but maybe I don't quite understand the system to get them shown. I have put pics on another spot, will try linking them now, I hope they work. These are the G27 with grip mods from




The other spot I noticed had "https" in the URL, is that why they disappeared when my computer was shut down, and I wasn't linked to the site?

BTW: the texturing, rather than "dug into" the grip, seems to be a very thin top layer of the velvety/rubbery material. I like it.
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Post by: RootStrike on October 04, 2011, 07:42:48 PM
UPDATE: about a month or so ago, the sprayed on? rubbery material at the back of the grip started bubbling off a little, so I scraped it off and used a Dremel to scrape all of the added material from the whole grip. Then I used a soldering iron to make small, random pattern stippling in 4 different directions (for a nice uniform look) on the grip. I really like it.

Because the back of the grip was done with epoxy, that small portion on the back lower edge wouldn't stipple - so I sprayed on about 5 coats of bedliner black spray to that small area (yes, masked it off first), and I also sanded the back bottom of the grip to look more like standard, and now I like it better.

I have seen on YouTube where some have heated up the back of the grip with a candle, then slowly flatten it down to remove the "hump" and thus no plastic is removed, nor is any epoxy needed. If I purchase another glock in the future I'd look into that.

Actually, I did pick up a Gen4 Glock a few weeks back, just to check it out at the store, and for my hands it felt the best with NO added backstraps. If Glock made their grip size and angles like the M+P's, then they would be way better in my opinion, because I by default shoot Glocks high and left versus other firearms.