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Title: Go big or go home
Post by: Serenity Gulch on February 07, 2011, 08:13:47 PM
I finally received my Berkey Light system today. The delivery was delayed five days due to the ice storm here in the midwest (FedEx is a bunch of pussies, I had a delivery from UPS three days ago but I digress...)

A note to those of you considering a Berkey system. When I was shopping I was really torn between the Berkey Light and the Royal Berkey. Money was a consideration so I went with the Berkey Light. Now that I have it I'm really wishing that I had went with the Royal Berkey.  :-\ I know the important thing is how it performs but I'm a woman so I want my stuff to look pretty too. The Berkey Light looks like a larger version of the automatic water dish I use for my cats. I thought the blue plastic would look cool but instead it just looks cheap. So if "wife approval factor" is important to you, go with the stainless steel.
Title: Re: Go big or go home
Post by: Serenity Gulch on February 08, 2011, 07:39:36 PM
Well my little tale of woe just got worse. I made an assumption, and you know what happens when you assume... :-\  I assumed that a filtration system that could remove 99.999% of chemicals, fluoride, bacteria, etc would also remove the sodium from our water softener, but it turns out it doesn't. The way this house is plumbed the only water that doesn't go thru the softener is the outside faucets. So it looks like if I want to use this Berkey Light I'm going to have to refill it with the garden hose.

Anybody want to buy a Berkey Light, only used once?  :'(