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Title: iPhone App: StillTasty
Post by: saifoda on August 10, 2011, 03:04:35 PM
Hey guys,

As I was working on some random daily preps a couple days ago I did an app search on my iphone (I forget the search words I used) and I came across one that looks like it will be very handy.  It's called "StillTasty" (one word) and it has all kinds of information on the shelf life of all kinds of food, from fruits and veggies to condiments and spices.

In the current version you cannot add your own custom items, but I was going to use this for my magazine rotations (every 3 months) and just find an item I know I don't have that has a 3 month shelf life and using that to remind me to rotate my magazines.

It also does the "push notification" so it will alert you the day you need to rotate something without even having to open the app.  I find that terribly convenient.

All for now -- just thought I'd share that with everybody  :D

<3, Carnie Princess
Title: Re: iPhone App: StillTasty
Post by: Nicodemus on August 11, 2011, 05:34:36 AM
The Still Tasty ( website is well known around here and a great resource.

It's good to know that they now have an app. Thanks for the heads up saifoda!