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Title: SKL's 13 (plus) for 13
Post by: SKL on January 11, 2013, 08:47:53 AM
My page on 13 Skills
And my blog with photos:
The Skills:
1. Fermenting:
explore the subject and see if I/we actually like any of it. Fermented lemonade sounds interesting, as does fermented grain. I have a batch of lemonade brewing (12/30/12) and did a lot of reading on the subject of fermenting yesterday. Update: We like the lemonade quite a bit and have been drinking a small glass a day. I'm ready to start a new batch this weekend. We like it at the 5 day point though, not 2 like the recipe said.
Now working on sauerkraut, fermented applesauce, fermented oatmeal.
Update: I'm not fond of the fermented applesauce. I think I'll just cook the rest and eat it as applesauce.
Still unsure of the fermented oatmeal. It's ok, but I haven't made a commitment to it yet.
The kraut is still working.
I have a book on the way about fermenting: Wild Fermentation

2. Foraging and Plant Identification:
 I found some great peppers in the community garden compost pile last fall. I plan to use many more of the autumn olive berries this fall if there is a good harvest. 1/5/13 Bought the book: Nature's Garden by Samuel Thayer. I like it and look forward to using it this spring. I'm eagerly waiting for mushroom season to begin here. I bought Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States. It looks very interesting and helpful too. My mom has Mushrooms of Northeast United States and I liked the book as a smaller field guide. I may buy that one to carry in my bag when I hike. She also told me a few places to look for highbush cranberries (in her woods) and elderberries.

3. Aquaponics: learn more about it and see if it fits with our existing backyard ponds

4. Building Community: get more involved with the local preppers group that we joined recently. Also build better support within my own family, encouraging them to prepare for at least a few days.

5. Self Defense

6. Concealed Carry Permit
I've shot rifles but never a pistol. They intimidate me. So my solution was to start out with a pump airgun to practice the smaller size more safely and just see how it goes. The one I bought has enough power for squirrels and pigeons.

7. Preparedness Skills: continue to discover what might be needed for my area of the country and then prepare for at least three weeks.

8. Harvest Grain: grow some corn for corn meal, harvest and process it for storage. Also purchase a good hand powered grain mill and try some wheat.
I ordered 2 kinds of corn seed to grow for corn meal this year. If I get a harvest I'll try milling it.

9. Fishing: not sure on this one. It would be good to know how, but we'll see.

10. Fitness: set a goal for weight loss, daily walking even if it's on the treadmill, use the exercise equipment more and work on core strength and balance.

11. Vermiculture: start a DIY worm house and get some worms going for the garden.

12. Hiking: get my backpack packed and try a bit of backpacking. A day hike to start.

13. Emergency Medicine: at least get more education in basic First Aid skills.

14. Entrepreneurship:
Try selling at the local Farmer's Market this spring once they move outdoors again.
Title: Re: SKL's 13 (plus) for 13
Post by: SKL on January 11, 2013, 03:19:44 PM
Okay, I see right off the bat I broke the rules and posted links to my blog and 13 skills site. Sorry! I don't know how to change it either.
Title: Re: SKL's 13 (plus) for 13
Post by: SKL on January 15, 2013, 03:04:18 PM
I've so far been focused mostly on the goal of learning fermenting. I have in process a 1/2 gallon of mead, a 2nd gallon of fermented lemonade (we drank the first one), a quart of fermented lemonade/autumnberry combination, a batch of fermented oatmeal, and a quart of purple cabbage and carrot kraut.
I also found a very early cluster of mushrooms (mid January in Michigan during that short warm spell) and am working on the identification. I think maybe oyster mushrooms, but not sure. But I'll watch that spot later to find more and fresher ones and try again on identifying them. That would be for the Foraging/Plant Identification goal.
Title: Re: SKL's 13 (plus) for 13
Post by: mitten on January 15, 2013, 08:54:50 PM
If you are interested in fermenting, you should also consider making hard cider. I plan on making it myself this fall, and from what I've heard it is incredibly easy to ferment.