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Title: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: Brian on January 22, 2013, 09:02:00 AM
Hey Folks,

This is Brian with BubbaTanicals, and I'm thrilled to be selected as a sponsor to the site.  It's a huge honor to stand amongst other sponsors that have passed Jack's stringent requirements for customer service and business conduct.

I've been a long time subscriber to TSP and an MSB member for a couple years.  I'm posting this message in case anyone might be looking for help or assistance with some skills that I might have a little experience with.  We run a small farm and are involved with a variety of animal husbandry and sustainable homesteading practices.  I'd be happy to offer whatever assistance that I can to whomever might need assistance with developing the following skills:

-beekeeping (5 years - certified beekeeper)
-animal husbandry (horses, goats, chickens, vermiculture)
-soapmaking (17 years mostly cold process, but I've been around)
-canning / preservation (still doing some learning myself here - can't wait to get a pressure canner going this year!)
-communications - (Ham radio operator 10 years - KI4BGS)
-offensive security services such as lock picking, social engineering, physical security, penetration testing / ethical hacking (my day job.  See: if you're bored for more info)
-Rainwater catchment
-Solar heating and PV systems (we use active solar heaters and are working on a 4kw bimodal pv system)
-Scuba diving (25 years NAUI openwater, PADI advanced, and SSI master diver)
-Marketing farm products (online and direct)

Likewise, I recently acquired a traditional long bow and could really use some Archery pointers. :-)  So far, I've gotten so that the area behind me is relatively safe while shooting.  :-\ 
Also, It's obvious that this is a highly skilled community - I'm always open to being put in my place about what I think I know.  It's one of the ways we learn.  Looking forward to meeting some folks and learning some new stuff in 2013!

Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: rikkrack on January 22, 2013, 09:40:46 AM
I listened to Brian for a while back and some good info in there. Been hooked on back episodes of TSP at the moment. Glad you made it over here and posted. I enjoy the life lessons that come up and the way Brian explains what they learned the hard way sometimes. The homeschooling episode really made me start rethinking our school system, and made my daughter want to start being homeschooled.

Welcome Brian
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: Brian on January 27, 2013, 07:13:22 AM
Thanks Rikkrack,

Yeah, I think the only reason I don't have more shows out is because I like listening to Jacks show as much as I do.  Why sit there and talk for an hour when I can catch up on TSP?   ;D  How that guy comes up with fresh content of such high quality every day, I'll never know. 

I don't think I ever did one on homeschooling, but I am planning an interview with someone that runs an alternative collaborative homeschool program with an emphasis on farming and self reliance.  It's a pretty awesome undertaking and she says it's been wildly successful. is the website.
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: rikkrack on January 27, 2013, 06:45:07 PM
Could have sworn you did one with the wife. I listen to podcasts all day so I may be wrong.
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: padre35 on January 28, 2013, 01:41:52 AM

Glad to see you here!

Would like to know the scuba diving license process as well as whether or not the 'new' ham regulations make it far easier to have a license for that as well?

And do you tan hides? I've read about doing so, but think the effort/payoff for so doing is not really conducive to engagement.

And why a long bow over a cross bow?
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: JC2 on January 28, 2013, 06:10:35 AM
Well i'll be a son of a gun. Good to see you here Brian. I know you don't know me, but you are the first podcast i listened to back in early/mid 09 (and i do have them all). It was a few months later when i finally got hooked on jacks podcast.
I've been overseas working since feb of 09 so i cant say ive done much of anything, except bought the farm. My wife just started soap making though and i told her she needs to go listen to your podcast. Good soap - no crap:)
I'll be home in a couple of months and plan on starting bees this spring (one of the many projects), and i do think its going to be a busy year once i get home.
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: Spadalach on February 12, 2013, 11:46:29 AM
Hello Brian,

If I remember correctly from listening to your podcast a while back, you have farm cats right?  I was wondering if they ever cause trouble with the chickens?
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: fritz_monroe on February 13, 2013, 04:26:52 AM
Hi Brian.  I have your podcast download whenever you put out a new one.  Good stuff.

Glad you are stepping up to offer help.  Beekeeping is one of my 13 skills.  I have my class starting in a couple of weeks.  I'm sure I'll have some questions for you.

I started a thread over in the livestock board.  Beekeeping, waht would you do differently ( asking for info from established beekeepers on what they would do differently if they were starting over now.
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: atlanta53 on September 15, 2013, 11:23:05 AM
Love the podcasts, soap, etc.  :)
Don't know where you find the time and energy for everything you guys are doing!
Mmmm- coffee.
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: Brian on September 15, 2013, 01:17:12 PM
Yikes!  Sorry guys.  For some reason the forum notifications were going to my spam folder.  I'll give all these a shout on the next show, but ...

@fritz - will definitely check out the other thread in a few.  I'm about to catch a flight so might not have time to really look at it until tonight.

@Spadalach - yes - we have 3 farm cats that live exclusively outside...umm...for the most part.  One has taken up residence in the barn, and we don't see him around the food dish that much.  I'm thinking he's earning his keep up there with a bit of his own rodent livestock homestead.  The cats did show an interest in the chickens when we first put them out there when they were small, but I think they got bored with them or the chickens got big enough to not look appetizing.  We worry more about one our dogs with the chickens than anything else.  She's a boston terrier, and has gone after them before with a purpose.  The other two dogs don't seem to care (collie and red heeler / pyrenees mix) and are happy to sit and watch them scratch around.

@padre35 - what specific scuba cert are you referring to?  There are several certifying agencies, and a number of different certification levels and specializations.  For example - I originally got my open water cert through NAUI, then later my advanced through PADI, and then my Nitrox, Rescue, and Master Diver through SSI.  You only need to be certified to get in the water and you need Nitrox if you want to dive on EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox).  The latter is mostly bookwork and knowing how not to kill yourself when diving on O2 greater than 21%.
I just re-upped my HAM (every 10 yrs), but I'm not familiar with the new rules.  I'll look into that.  I only have a technician license since that more than adequately suites my needs.  I've never tanned a hide, but it sounds cool.  Might take some selling on my part to get the wife to go along with it, though  :-)

On the bow:  I like the simple elegance of it.  A friend of mine makes traditional long bows by hand - even uses deer sinew - the whole nine yards, etc.   He's very good and uses his own bows for hunting regularly.  The idea of becoming proficient with such a tool is very appealing to me.  I'm a bad-ass with a wrist rocket, and since I've posted last I've found that the skills transitioned very well to the bow.  It's been a learning curve, but not a bad one.  Of course, practice practice practice.  Thinking of making an Atlatl at some point.. those look pretty awesome.

JC2 - hit me up if you need any help with the bees - and don't forget to order them in Jan or Feb if you're getting packages.  :-)

And yes... Mmmmm coffee.  Where are you in Atlanta, if you don't mind me asking?

Gotta go.. thanks for the warm regards on the show!

Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: atlanta53 on September 16, 2013, 05:27:24 PM
On the corner of Cinderella and Fantasy Lane    :)
Title: Re: Beekeeping / Farming Assistance Available
Post by: Brian on September 16, 2013, 08:50:38 PM
Off Valley Brook Rd in Decatur?