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Title: The Preppers Programming Language Java
Post by: caverdude on February 27, 2013, 03:55:12 PM
Java is a programming language that has been around since the early 1990's. Its a unique language in that it is 100% System Independent. A Java program can run on a Mac, Linux, Windows or any computer or operating system that has had a Java Virtual Machine made for it, and that is without modification.

Java is also a generic programming language. It was made to be simple and wordy as in not cryptic and very plain English readable. That's not to say that complications can arise. But it was made to be a learning language. Java can do anything you want or need done, despite its critics.

I encourage anyone to learn to install Java and execute some java apps. Specifically the demo's that come with Java. And you may download some examples from the internet or from

I myself am a Java Programmer and have a web site up dedicated to giving out some info and directing new people to the right information.

I also have a couple of blog post on Java on my blog

I also have a blog post at on an accounting app I wrote and it is a project on sourceforge

I had prior programming background in BASIC, C, Pascal. It took me about 6 months to learn the basics of Java as a programmer so that I could write some decent custom programs.

If you are simply wanting to write something to do some calculations for you and output result to console, it is very easy to write. Graphical user interface (windows) apps are easy but not super easy. is a Java web site. No PHP or anything else. Its Java JSP and servlets. It uses the Tomcat Java web server. You can do anything you want or need with Java. Some things require a bit more time invested in learning. This is called Learning Curve.

I will say that just about anyone can learn the basics and do a little Java Programming.

Javascript is "not" Java but is similar. Its a good language to learn along with Java in web development.

Note: I'm selling nothing here. Everything is 100% free.

Title: Re: The Preppers Programming Language Java
Post by: libertyzeal on March 02, 2013, 06:44:05 PM
While most of what you say is true, as someone who has been a hardcore java developer for over 10 years, I would never recommend someone build websites using java.  You can do the same in python or PHP with much last effort.  It's not the java part that's hard, it's the frameworks java uses for web, j2ee containers, numerous xml descriptor files, using JNDI lookups for database access, etc. 

It's really easy to get a wordpress site up and modify it with some basic PHP skills, vrs setting up apache tomcat, getting it configured, setting up your data sources, refining web.xml, etc.

Mind you, I think java is a great language, and I use the hell out of it (I'm the author of the TSP mobile app for android which is 100% java ). I just don't like it for web. ;D

Title: Re: The Preppers Programming Language Java
Post by: caverdude on March 02, 2013, 07:39:14 PM
True, there is a bit of a learning curve with Java for web development. I wish it were not so bad. Once you are past that learning curve, it really isn't all that bad. Though I only do simple things with it right now. And my focus has not been web development entirely. However many off the more complicated things can be left alone if you keep things simple until you are ready for more complex work and design. The problem I think newbies have is in separating the complex from the simple.

If a person must, Java web servers can be made to run right along side php or anything else.
Title: Re: The Preppers Programming Language Java
Post by: caverdude on March 02, 2013, 08:35:21 PM

The above link is a very brief explanation on how to get started with Java

Then I have this post on the accounting app I am working on. And This one goes with it.

I'm working on some upgrades to the accounting app right now. I'm adding in multi-month reports with averages and totals. I am also beginning HTML reporting. I may also work on outputting some delimited text that can be imported into a spreadsheet. All reports will go to the console. The user will have to redirect html or dellimited text output to a file.

I've been trying to keep this app very very simple. This is why its not a GUI app yet. GUI coding is time consuming. I think this will probably become a phone app before I code it up as a Windows App. I can even see using this code base to work up a specialized accounting app for the phone for truckers. But that wont be in the near future.