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Title: reloaders who want to teach those of us new to reloading
Post by: homeshow on April 12, 2009, 06:29:42 AM
OK i know some of you are not willing to share your location.  but here's the thing.  a few hours with someone who has allready done it is worth months of trial and error with what equipment to get, where to get supplies, best tricks of the trade.  all i ask is that if you are willing to share just mention your nearest city so those of us that are paying  new ammo prices :o can learn from some of the reloading veterans out there.  i live near Chattanooga, Tn.  and shoot 5.56

i even make homemade wine and am willing to bring some. ;D
Title: Re: reloaders who want to teach those of us new to reloading
Post by: product85 on May 12, 2009, 03:40:21 PM
no takers for a whole month?

what are your questions?

with a good loading manual and all the basic tools you can start up with no problem, you can always ask questions on the forum but regardless of your sources you should always check any advice or tips against a trusted/preferred manual.
Title: Re: reloaders who want to teach those of us new to reloading
Post by: CTF250 on May 12, 2009, 04:00:14 PM
Rule of thumb
Always rely on at least three different load reference manuals.  Review the recommendations and choose the safest load to start with.  with experience you can increase the load.

Second, never exceed maximium loads.  This is a sure fire way to hurt yourself.

Third, Shop for a reloading system you can afford.  Theres no reason to go all out on a big expensive press setup.  Try the basics to see if you like it and then expand from there. 

Ebay used to be a good source for used presses though lately they command top dollar. is a reliable source for press equipment and and Berrys .com are good sources for components. 

Heres some links on you tube on some reloading videos.  There pretty informative and can be a good starting point for someone who is thinking about getting into reloading.

Lastly no matter how you get started, go slow, think before you do and dont be distracted while reloading, it could be a fatal mistake. 

Thats why we all need a "Man Room"   ;D ;D
Title: Re: reloaders who want to teach those of us new to reloading
Post by: kernal_panic on May 16, 2009, 09:02:04 AM
I've been reloading since 1993 or so. I've loaded the follwing:

.303 brit
.38 spec
.357 mag
10mm auto
.45 acp
12 ga

its not hard but there are learning curves. get the ABCs of reloading. Barnes and Nobles stocks it, I've seen it books a millon, and I would bet borders has it too. get a good manual like the speer, hodgon or lyman.

read em.

as for equipment troll the for sale sections of forums online but mostly visit your LGS! i can't possiably stress enough LGS. throw an ad out on craigslist.

IMHO the LGS is the best place to find a deal. Here is how I bought some of the stuff i use.

I have a dillon 550b. they cost $400. I paid nothing. 5 years ago i bought a dillon SDB setup in 9mm new unused at a LGS for $100 cash. i sold the 9mm parts and converted to 38/357 and .380 acp I had another $160 in it minus the $40 i got for the 9mm conversion. so for $220 I was loading. i used it for 5 years. setup in .38 i sold it for $275 on ebay and sold the .380 acp conversion for $50. i neted 5 years worth of use out of it and made $105. I took that money and another $400 and bought a guy out of his 550b and all of his gear thanks to tip from a guy on another forum. i then sold off the extra stuf i didn't need and kept the press. I got my $500 back and i was able to hook up a beginner with a tumbler scale and bullet puller for cheap.

fast forward 5 months later and a guy on the same forum i got the tip from gave me a SDB and an old lyman turret press and some other gear for FREE. I turned around and gave it to the dude who flipped me the tip. He would have bought the guy out but didn't have the cash.

at a LGS where my parents live I bought 12 lbs of assorted powder for $100 there 5 years ago. last year i picked 3k cci 41s for $23 per k at the same store. I got a .308 small base die set and a pacific .30-06 die set for $10 and $15 each.

at a diffrent LGS here i got an rcbs 9mm die set for $20. at a gun show i got a 4 cav lyman 9nn bullet mold for $30.

troll the local gun stores. even the high speed low drag tactical joints. You never know what you will find. went in to a  tactical store tuesday and found they had cheap glock mags and 5k sleeve of large pistol primers!

Look you can call up dillon and spend a shit load of cash or you can get out and about and look around. pawn shops, small gun stores, bass pro etc. I had a noob give me a $50 bass pro shop for taking her out and getting her hooked on guns. I bought a 4 lb keg of green dot with it. my out of pocket was $17. for 4 pounds of shotgun/pistol powder!
Title: Re: reloaders who want to teach those of us new to reloading
Post by: homeshow on May 19, 2009, 07:58:01 AM
LGS??  i must be a noob too. :)
Title: Re: reloaders who want to teach those of us new to reloading
Post by: product85 on May 19, 2009, 01:41:25 PM
local gun shop... i wasnt sure what it was either until i got to the end of his post