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Title: How to go about leasing property for someone to rotation grazing livestock?
Post by: spud on November 01, 2015, 05:15:47 AM
I have a ten year plan so to speak.  It is to buy some property up north ( northern lower Michigan) that I could retire too. I would like to lease that land for someone to do rotational grazing on.  I would think 40 acres would the smallest amount that would make it worthwhile. I am currently debt free and make good money.  I like what Joel Salatin does on his property, no wages involved and the person using such property is running there own business.  I visited a young farmer that rotational grazing on his property for the last ten years and thought it would be ok for such a setup but only if fencing was all set and water available too.  But this is much easier area to raise  livestock in (northern ohio)

I know that as a the landlord I would be responsible for setting up all fencing and getting water available.  There is no way I could manage such property because of the distance and time it is away from where I am currently living.  I don't know how many people would be interested in running such an business.  I could try to find out how much current landlords are leasing such property to current farmers that need a place to pasture livestock.  I know that this is a tough business for someone to start in and cattle are so slow to get herd numbers up. 

Most people think I'm crazy, why would you want to own a farm before and during your retirement years?  They also don't understand why I have chickens for eggs and raise 25 to 50 meat birds for the freezer? Or pay for organic whole milk, triple what it costs in the store. I really wouldn't care if someone wanted to raise animals on this property till I die either.  I am flexible that way. 

It's a goal that I have and would like to assist someone how has the ambition to do so. 
Title: Re: How to go about leasing property for someone to rotation grazing livestock?
Post by: ncjeeper on November 01, 2015, 11:12:33 AM
Talk to your neighbors and see what the going rate is. I leased my place out one year. For me it wasn't really worth it for all the destruction and poop the cows left behind.