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Title: Tried and True PC books please.
Post by: Graceless on March 31, 2016, 11:09:02 AM
I'd love to slog through all the posts and spend time in the forum searching and learning! But. Alas. I have no time for awhile yet..
Please help me decide among the thousands of permaculture back yard gardening type books out there?!  I'm overwhelmed and just 15 minutes into it I've gotten 5 I want but probably don't need and have duplicated information... So help a busy mom out?
For reference , I'm on 3 acres...1 wooded with a nice start of bamboo. 2 of flat high clay content soil and an extremely high water table. I've started my fruit tree lot in a randomized but fairly successful way and an familiar with permaculture but need some solutions.
I work. Mostly 4 days a week as a mail carrier and have 4 kids from 15-5 that are willing and able to help.

ETA in east central Alabama...
I also have bee hives ready and willing to be used. But haven't gotten them out and set up..
I have free range chickens and semi free range rabbits.
Ducks are new to us and with our water table we have added them to free range to start keeping the mosquito population down.
Now. Help? Please?  I need to go from here and get things done!
Title: Re: Tried and True PC books please.
Post by: I.L.W. on March 31, 2016, 11:54:00 AM
Welcome to the forums!

Here's a response to a similar request for books and media which may be helpful: