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Title: Gorgeous Free Cards of Original 21 Permaculture Ethics & Chance to Help Brett
Post by: CandyGram4Mongo on April 02, 2016, 09:35:38 AM
Summary: free download of awesome original Mollison Principles & Ethics cards: (
Unpublished opp'ty to give back if desired; currently pathetically underfunded - please help, if only to promote on Facebook etc: ( (

Geoff Lawton published this link to some GORGEOUS & thought-provoking free "card" downloads.  From Geoff:
"Absolutely beautiful. Brett Pritchard, a permaculturist since 1991, put together something that really caught my eye: A 21 card set of the original permaculture ethics and principles. Many of the illustrations were painted by one of Bill Mollison's daughters, Frances, and the entire set is free to download. " (

What neither Geoff nor Brett is promoting is the fact that Brett has a GoFundMe to raise funds for a Permaculture project in Borneo.  From Brett:
"Hi all. I have made the ethics and principles card set freely available as I didn’t want to do it as a commercial venture but as a way of honouring Bill Mollison and his incredible visionary work. Permaculture altered my life totally and gave it real meaning for the first time. While I enjoy my permaculture work here in Australia, where I’m currently developing community food gardens, my heart has always been in overseas permaculture aid work.

I’m currently seeking a little bit of financial help to initiate an alley cropping demonstration site in a village in the Borneo rainforest. The Penan people were traditionally hunter gatherers with a tiny number are still living this lifestyle. The Penan village I work with settled around 45-50 years ago and began carrying out swidden agriculture like the settled Dayak tribes. Now due to a doubling in population size and a reduction in available land due to plantation developments the people are having to go into their undisturbed rainforest reserve area to clear for rice growing." (
Title: Re: Gorgeous Free Cards of Original 21 Permaculture Ethics & Chance to Help Brett
Post by: CandyGram4Mongo on April 04, 2016, 03:43:42 PM
Looks like there's been some progress on the Penan GoFundMe - but it's still got a ways to go!
I REALLY like the "cards" & I really hope this community gets behind the Penan initiative since this community is a force to be reckoned with when we put our minds to it!