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Title: Good EDC Knife Choice
Post by: Sephiroth on January 19, 2018, 09:16:20 AM
Good evening fellow TSP members,

I just want to share with you guys, a good EDC knife that I purchased after some testing and watching some reviews.

This knife, the SOCP Spear Point by Benchmade, is an awesome EDC knife! Very easy to conceal, very light, made of 440 steel and has a sheath that can go on your belt, or a MOLLE bag or vest…

The reason I got this one, is because in a deployment situation, it has a ring that makes it easy to pull and lighting fast. Ambidexterity is also a feature. And you can hold other objects. I don’t use folding knives for EDC, because for me an EDC knife has to be defense-able, so I want something quick to grab and easily concealed.

Just sharing. If you want, watch the review!



Cheers !