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If you visit the main Survival Podcast blog/website, you can play the podcasts from your browser by clicking the "Play Now" or "Play in Popup" links, and then clicking the Play arrow in the media player that's displayed.

Firefox users who are using the latest Firefox update may have a problem here: you'll just see a black box and no Play arrow.  There's a workaround:

Short answer: just click the black box.  Firefox will ask you "Do you want to allow Adobe Flash to run on this site?"  Click "Allow" and the player will appear.  (This issue should be fixed in the next few days.)

Long answer:

Adobe Flash is obsolete and will be abandoned by Adobe at the end of 2020.  The current version of Firefox will refuse to run Flash unless you confirm that you want it.  Sometime in 2020, Firefox will stop supporting Flash entirely.

The TSP blog/website is still using antique podcast software which is hard-coded to use a Flash podcast player with Firefox only.  (Every other browser gets a nice modern HTML5 player.)

My project for this week is to replace the antique software with modern software.  Once I get that working, every browser will see HTML5, we won't have any more Flash on the site, and this problem will vanish.
Both David and Stwood are on the same track I follow.  I always eliminate the electrical first as it is easiest pull the plug and see if it is getting a spark.  This is often difficult to do without getting zapped have someone hold the plug with threads to frame and watch the gap as you pull.  Next I prime and pull the cord a few times, then inspect the plug for fuel.  Most of the time it is fuel and that is likely in the carb although checking the filter rand line is an easy starting point.  All that said I do end up taking to the local small engine guy to do the rebuild of carbs, but I am getting adventurous and doing some of that myself of late.  YouTube is empowering.
Industry Reviews / Re: Suckers on bath mats don't always suck
« Last post by Redman on Today at 05:32:29 AM »
I remember those things. Was yours supposed to be installed wet or dry?

We had one once. One way it would slide the other it didn't slide. Don't remember what way worked now. Try it both ways Gamer.
Do It Yourself - Projects, Ideas and How To / Re: Free Chickens arn't free
« Last post by Stwood on Yesterday at 09:21:20 PM »
Lol. Karma for the llama advice
and ALWAYS say no to a free llama.....  there is a reason the thing is free ???
Do It Yourself - Projects, Ideas and How To / Re: Free Chickens arn't free
« Last post by Stwood on Yesterday at 06:19:00 PM »
Ayup......2 of our free goats were not free.....more fencing......
Do It Yourself - Projects, Ideas and How To / Re: Free Chickens arn't free
« Last post by LvsChant on Yesterday at 05:51:10 PM »
Good luck! Sounds like you are off to a good start.
Emergency Preparations / Re: Self-defense in "safe" rural areas
« Last post by NWPilgrim on Yesterday at 02:59:10 PM »
Just saw these posts. It has been going on forever. I grew up in a rural area at the end of a long gravel road in the early 60s.  We were told at a early age (5, 6) not to go close to any cars “sightseeing” and asking us questions. OK to give directions but from a distance and run if anyone gets out. Even as kids we were aware there are had people roaming around preying on the unexpected. It doesn’t surprise me the rural parents of these girls taught them to be aware and prepared for danger.  Kudos to the girls for heeding the advice and acting decisively and energetically in self defense.
I'll agree with Stwood that it's most likely the carb but *could* be a clog in the fuel line or fuel filter.

I rebuilt my tractor a couple years back and the sage advice I got is that with small engines (my Craftsman has a Kohler cast iron block) you're basically trying to figure out if it's the air, fuel, or electricity. So I wound up replacing it all and deep cleaning the carb. I'm not 100% sure what the problem was but it's run like a top since.

One more idea that happened to me. Buy a new gas cap. Mine had a clog and the gas tank pulled a vacuum and it took weeks to figure out why it would run for 10 minutes and die repeatedly.

I'm mechanically inclined but not some super expert on small engines. Most of these parts are cheap and with Youtube and blogs you can get it done.
Industry Reviews / Re: Ridge Wallet
« Last post by Mr. Bill on Yesterday at 12:27:21 PM »
The duct tape on my old wallet finally wore out, and I replaced it with a "maximalist" chunk of leather made by DiLoro.

Amazon: DiLoro Italy Mens Leather Wallet Bifold Flip ID Zip Coin Wallets with RFID Protection

It's well-made and sturdy, and it has so many slots and compartments that if you filled them all it would look like a Big Mac.  Satisfactory for a front pocket, and it provides a counterweight for the smartphone in my other front pocket so that I don't tip over sideways.  But I'm definitely carrying more leather than wallet contents.
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