Author Topic: The fallacy of the “common ammunition” argument for prepping  (Read 14592 times)

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Re: The fallacy of the “common ammunition” argument for prepping
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I read all of the other posts and think that the real reason to store common calibers is being overlooked.  The reason that our military and police do it are two fold.  1. to ensure economies of scale and 2. interchangeability.  We can all use economies of scale (I am sure that 99% of the folks reading this post have bought at least some items in bulk to save money), but to me, the most important reason is interchangeability. 

For most emergencies, we will all be on our own, or with our home group.  However in a more dire situation (2nd civil war, outside or inside government takeover, partial or complete societal breakdown, EMP, etc) we may need to form larger groups.  If this occurs, common calibers would be a necessity for any type of sustained action.

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Re: The fallacy of the “common ammunition” argument for prepping
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I don’t think this argument holds any water.  First off, as we have seen during the recent “ammunition crisis,” that the commonly available ammo like 9mm, .223, .22LR, .38 spl, .308, 7.62x39, etc, were the ones that disappeared off the shelves and were hard to find for months.  .270 WIN was still sitting on the shelf while the others were nowhere to be had at local vendors.

I think this displays that there is a much larger demand for common calibers. Since we prep and have extra ammunition, common ammunition makes for a good barter item for things that you might need or you can always shoot things with it. And its always good to have your preps do double duty. Wheras say with .270 you can shoot things with it but if your sitting on 2k rounds of it and you need to trade for something you may not find anybody who wants it.

Now, in a disaster situation, even considering that you are able to run to the store to stock up on ammo (which there is a good chance you WONT be able to), those “commonly available” rounds are the first ones to go off the shelf.

The very idea that we will be able to go to the store to get supplies during a crisis is antithetical to the entire prepping community. Which is why we stock up on everything before hand, so we wont have to make that trip to the store. Anybody who waits to buy their ammunition when the crisis hits deserves to be SOL

The next argument is that you should buy weapons that use ammunition used by our police and military.  .223, 9mm, .308, .40 cal, etc.  I don’t get this argument.  Unless there is a TOTAL TEOTWAWKI situation, how do you think you are going to come by this issued ammo?  No one in the military or the police is going to be handing out info, so unless you are going red dawn or raiding government ammo dumps, you are SOL.

Actually I think that is the idea. If there ever is a total breakdown of society, there will be large stores of this ammunition from former government ammo dumps that will be floating around the surviving populace.
Not only that but there is also a larger amount of surplus ammunition in “common calibers” and therefore easier/cheaper to buy in bulk hence easier/cheaper to prep.
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Re: The fallacy of the “common ammunition” argument for prepping
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I think the way to think of the ammo is using a tier system.

Tier 1:
Your military/police stuff would be tier one. .223, .308, .30-06, 45 acp, 40sw, 7.62x39, etc. All the stuff that was missing during the ammo "crisis".
Tier 2:
Your common hunting calibers ie. .270, .243, 30-30, 7mm mag, etc. (note I didnt put 30-06 here, its military) Stuff that could be found if you looked hard enough during the "crisis".
Tier 3: The stuff that was left over. .357 Sig, 32 S&W, 22 short, .303 Savage, etc. Pretty much everything else out there.

Now using this list, I have most of my stock from Tier 2, but I have some stuff from Tier 1. Tier 1 is pretty much my defensive/shtf ammo. Yes it can be used for hunting, ie. 30-06, but it is something that there will be a high demand for in the shtf situation. Therefore, I save it, and use Tier 2 for my hunting chores.

I could go on, but....
Just some thoughts.