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shtf - Medical - real - happens every day
« on: January 25, 2009, 05:56:26 AM »
Love the topics discussed.  But putting a real life survival situation out there now.

Your loved one will get a major medical disease or accident.  It can happen any day.  What will you do? 

1)  Do you have insurance?  Well that requires a job, that exists, and has low premiums.
2)  Requires transportation to the hospital for treatments (so many people get cancer).
3)  Do you understand you will need to deal with a poorly organized medical system (better than many countries; but poorer than most good businesses for organization and effectiveness).
4) did you consider wills so everyone is clear and families do not try to make last minute changes; trusts so the homestead does not get taken by a hospital; getting medical retirement, or short and long term disability income; who works the homestead, and crops if the people are sick?