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Heat lamp for rabbits

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I am a firm believer that wood has no place in or around the rabbitry. But even then, one may use a heat lamp to keep kits warm in the winter. If you have a nest, that means you probably have straw or wood shavings even if you are anti-wood as I am. Those who use the heat lamp may want to heed this story.

The last farm I owned in Oregon before I went to Canada had a 80x100 ft turkey barn which burnt down from a heat lamp. All that was left was the slab. I have seen WAY too many barns go up from accidents like this.


It doesn't really get that cold where I live but has anyone tried some version of a hot water bottle or radiant heat from larger barrels of water that can absorb heat in the daytime and release it during the night?
Just an idea....


Sweethearts Mom:
John uses a kind of metal covered hot pad under the nest box when it is really cold.

Rise and Shine Rabbitry:
I live in Maine and have no heat in my rabbitry. I never use heat lamps, I breed all year long and only a few troubles (with new does) But i have been selectivy breeding for winter nest building. If a kit was born in the winter they will be a good cold weather rabbit!


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