Author Topic: Fall Food Forest and Plant Propagation Workshop  (Read 1028 times)

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Fall Food Forest and Plant Propagation Workshop
« on: July 11, 2015, 06:33:26 PM »
I searched the forums about this and found nothing so here goes. Visited MSB HQ to look up something totally unrelated. Saw this at the top:

Support Brigade Headquarters

If You Are Here to Sign Up for the Survival Podcast Fall Food Forest and Plant Propagation Workshop You can do that Here

I thought that sounded like a cool workshop to attend so I clicked on the link to look at the info. This is what I saw at the link:

"The Survival Podcast Food Forest Design and Plant Propagation Workshop

Dates Nov.  6-8, 2014

Cost - $500 Per Student, with a $100 dollar non refundable deposit.

Students can set up camp sites on Nov. the 5th and can camp until Nov. the 9th.

To Sign Up for our Workshop, Please Complete the Form Below.  When you hit submit you will be taken to a page to make your 100 dollar deposit on this event.  The final 400 will be due by cash, check or money order upon your arrival." 

Further down, the heading above the registration form says "Work with Jack Weekend 4-11-15"

Even further down, under Event Description, it says this: The event will be taught by lead instructor Jack Spirko with co instructor Nick Ferguson.  The event will be strictly limited to 28 students and will be the only TSP Fall Event for 2015.

Can anyone tell me if this workshop has already happened or is this just a case of bad copy/paste? Both my husband and I want to attend. That's a $1000 bill so I want to make sure what I'm signing up for as we have to schedule our time off very carefully. We are team truckdrivers and aren't home very often. Any enlightenment will be greatly appreciated. I know Jack is on vacation right now (the bum) but if anyone of you has his ear, ya might want to let him know about this. I bet I'm not the only one confused.  :o  :P  :-\ Thanks ya'll!


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Re: Fall Food Forest and Plant Propagation Workshop
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2015, 10:56:23 AM »
It already happened.  For some reason Jack still hasn't taken it down.  He really needs to update the MSB benefits page.

You are not alone.  The posts there have confused me several times.  I even filled out an application for an expired event once.   :o