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Re: Scrounging
« Reply #60 on: November 13, 2010, 11:02:32 AM »
...Almost his entire hunting/BO cabin is built from bunk bed lumber.

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Re: Scrounging
« Reply #61 on: November 14, 2010, 01:18:13 AM »
He saw lumber. In the bunk beds there were 400 2"x6"x8'  and 600 1"x8"x3.5' boards and 800 2"x"x3' square posts.

Almost his entire hunting/BO cabin is built from bunk bed lumber.
Excellent example of thinking outside the box..

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Re: Scrounging
« Reply #62 on: May 06, 2012, 09:23:55 AM »
Is this the scrounger anonymous page? "Hello, my name is RJ and I'm a scrounger"  ("HI RJ...) lol.


One of the things I did to get affordable building material was talk to the lumber guy at the local Big Box home improvement stores. He told me they sold all their "cull" lumber at a fraction of the cost but you had to take it all.

I did that a few times, but the big box store manager ended cutting the program off. I got GREAT material and paid a fraction (8' 2x4... 25 cents...8' 2x6's?...25 cents...cedar siding? $1 4x8 sheet...) I got some weird stuff but I ended up using that too. Hafta gotta will make you think out of the box. I believe it was only the store manager at the store that did it, so checking with your local one might prove fruitful for you, I hope so. I built the entire addition off my cabin with stuff I got from the "cull lumber".

I have gotten TONS of stuff from the curb side garage sale (as I like to call it). I take ANYTHING metal I take as metal is always needed (I'm always welding up something, for example my neighbors 3 pt plow he broke last weekend I fixed for him... and scrounged metal helped me reinforce it.)

I've gotten numerous coolers out of the trash simply because the hinges were broke. Um...WHO CARES? I fixed some, some I just use as they are, removable lid is fine. I've found perfectly good hydraulic jacks, tools, windows, doors...I found a REALLY cool ancient round screw top piano seat and fixed a leg on it. It has to be 100 years old. I found a French buffet that someone threw away as 2 of the legs were broke, they were in it. About $1 worth of wooden dowel, drill and wood glue and its better than new..and a BEAUTIFUL antique. Tire rims that work on my vehicles or friends for spares. People throw away garden hoses with one hole in it that can be fixed for a buck.... I'll end here so it does not run on too far.

I think one of the BEST finds was a HUGE pile of the interlocking foam...I guess gym mats? The edges look like puzzle pieces and they are about 2'x2' grey foam mats... I insulated the floor in my tree house deer blind (its 20' off the ground and is 12x12 with and L porch around it with a metal roof over the whole thing.) I also used them to insulate the addition off my cabin. They help keep the hot and cold out, and are nice to walk on and clean easily. There was basically a truck bed load of them. I mean...who throws this stuff away? I hope they continue to do so.

I also just let lots of people know that I'm ALWAYS looking for stuff to build things out at the "ranch". My old neighbor is letting me clean out her back yard. Her uncle was a collector and I've gotten a BUNCH of useable lumber, old REAL 2x4's (anyone remember when a 2x4 was actually 2x4?) A bunch of metal roofing, metal support poles, hoses... and the list goes on.

I guess one persons trash...another person’s treasure.

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Re: Scrounging
« Reply #63 on: May 06, 2012, 09:52:21 AM »
great tips, rjfortuna. It sounds like you've scored some great deals...

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Re: Scrounging
« Reply #64 on: May 07, 2012, 09:29:09 AM »
Have long been a scrounger. Got from my Depression era Dad who would take me to the garbage dump and we would come home with stuff that he would weld together to make something useful. Would stop along the road and pick up stuff people put out for garbage. Got several lawnmowers, garden fence posts, etc. this way.
Have a complete wooden fence that I took down that a guy posted for free on craigslist. Fence and posts were only a few years old and had been put up wrong. He was about to be foreclosed on and was getting rid of the fence to make the property look better. Was 160' of fencing, mostly in great shape. Have not got around to putting it up yet.
Put together a wicking bed recently with lumber I got free. Am using a screenroom (a neighbor gave me) for shade protection.
Got a bunch of drain pipe and gutters, kids' yard toys, lumber, bricks, mulch, compost, pallets, etc.
Have found many books, lumber from dumpster diving in years past. Found some Beatles albums. Sold them all on ebay.
Used to get damaged fruit from a grocery to put in compost pile. Got a bunch of bagged leaves the other day from a neighbor for mulch/compost. Routinely go to Starbucks and get used coffee grounds.
Useful free stuff is all around if one really looks.     

Put out an old office chair the other day and someone picked it up within a few hours.