Author Topic: Shelf Reliance Thrive Opinions...1yr supply on sale at Costco  (Read 4027 times)

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I'm tempted to just buy this for the hell of it....1yr supply $799 shipped.

Calorie count is only like 1200 per day (LOW), but seems fair for the $$$.

Been planning on buying from efoodsdirect. Which is like 2200 calories(with wheat/sweetener), but more than 2x price plus shipping.

Add the two together and you have a real SHTF 1 year supply of 15+ yr shelf life least thats how I see it.

Any opinions from anyone that has actually used?


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Re: Shelf Reliance Thrive Opinions...1yr supply on sale at Costco
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2010, 10:07:24 AM »
they are selling through home parties now.  And, this being Utah, there are 10+ consultants in my small town of 1500 (which if you figure an average of 6 people per household - yes, I would figure that as average here; most families have 4, and there are a number with 8-9 kids as well to make up for the older 2-person households  ;D - that is 250 households, making it 1 Thrive salesperson for every 15 families.....).  Anyway, according to one consultant I have spoken to, Thrive is going to cease selling through Costco and Sam's, and only do home-based business and internet orders.  That might explain why Costco is selling it at a discount.

Now, as to whether it is good stuff, the party I attended had samples.  I was impressed with the dried fruit and veggies.  The broccoli was not in a form that I would use it, unfortunately because I cannot get mine to work out.  The freeze dried chicken was pretty good, but I stay away from soy-based products like the TVP.  I did try the TVP taco meat, and it was okay, but I would never buy it.  I would rather eat dehydrated ground beef, or better yet, if doing tacos, rice and bean.....
The drink mixes were tasty.

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Re: Shelf Reliance Thrive Opinions...1yr supply on sale at Costco
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2010, 11:04:19 AM »
Just for giggles I added up the cost of what's contained in the Costco package on the Shelf Reliant website yesterday and the Costco package was about $200 cheaper than purchasing directly through Shelf Reliant.  We have a decent food supply started and decided to go ahead and add this to our collection and will then add more veggies and real meats to it later.  While I know TVP isn't great straight from the can I've heard many times that it's better after mingling with other foods for a while and is reasonably edible.  I think interspersed with our other meats it will be ok and it won't be out main means of survival by any stretch.

For anyone thinking about purchasing through Costco I believe tomorrow is the last day.