Author Topic: Received my Berkey sport today, awesome.  (Read 1847 times)

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Received my Berkey sport today, awesome.
« on: May 07, 2010, 07:09:30 PM »
I got lucky and won 3 of the Berkey sport water bottles in the recent contest on these forums.  They arrived today, and my enthusiasm for getting them for free aside, I can honestly say I'm very impressed.

Naturally, I had to test one out.  First with tap water, I noticed an improvement in the taste of the water.  Those of you who have used the Britta water filters, it's on about the same level in terms of the taste improvement. I should mention, you do have to suck a little harder on the straw than what you're probably used to.

Getting a little bolder, I filled it from my koi pond (which is filtered with a pond filter, but by no means ready for consumption). The water tasted fine. The product really worked.

The bottle it's self is a cool design, but maybe a bit flimsy.  It's on par with most sports bottles, but not the most rugged I've seen.  I did notice, the lid with the straw and filter fit on another sport bottle I got from an Army recruiter, so if it's not a standard size, it must at least be a common size.  The filter actually fits on the straws in other sports bottles (those that have straws anyway).  So you could use the filter in a lot of other containers.

What I can establish, the filter works great, and can be used in other bottles.  The bottle is about what you would expect.  In my opinion, the bottles are worth the advertised cost.  I donated one to a friend who's heading off camping tomorrow, and he seems very enthused. 

If you want to travel light in an area with plenty of water that needs filtration, this is a good product.  Hunting, camping and fishing trips seem like a good scenario for using it.  For a true emergency, a bigger unit would definitely be recommended. 

On my arbitrary rating scale where I pull numbers out of my ass: this is a solid 8 out of 10.

Thanks again Berkey guy, I'll recommend your site to my friends.