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« on: January 15, 2010, 04:12:53 AM »
I'm currently running Hodgdon's Varget behind a 60grn Nosler partition with excellent results in both RRA 1:9 and BCM 1:7 twist rifles.  It's a nice, accurate compromise for both rifles.  Consequently, I want to pull the trigger on a large batch of varget, but I've been hearing great things about this IMR 8082.  Should I wait and try the 8082 first?  Is it really going to be the wonder powder that many sources are claiming it to be?  How much longer am I going to have to wait until this hyped up powder reaches the consumer level?


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Re: IMR 8082XBR
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 12:37:17 PM »
Basically, this is the newer production of the old surplus T322 or T32 (not to be confused with 322) depending on and if you can find any. I think Bruno of Bruno's shooting supply in Phoenix popularized this powder for the 6PPC crowd. My memory is not great. I don't think any powder in itself is a miracle powder. Varget is extremely accurate for the wide range of calibers it covers. Pretty incredible and versatile for a powder. I remember when Vihtavuori was all the rage. I know 8082XBR, if it's anything like T322 surplus, with the same or close burn rate, should prove to do fine in smaller capacity cases. What I would like to try this on is a 219 Donaldson Wasp cartridge.
Maybe a triple deuce. Been a while since I broke out those barrels.

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