Author Topic: good deals on blueberry, paw paw, kiwi seedlings ?  (Read 12063 times)

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Re: good deals on blueberry, paw paw, kiwi seedlings ?
« Reply #30 on: May 10, 2016, 05:03:48 PM »
We are high desert so we have hot dry summers (95-110 daily)  then can have sustained windy dry below freezing winters; so needless to say we are protecting them from these extremes.

If you have soft water for irrigation (collected rain water for example), you can run your irrigation lines off the ground for kiwi and use mist emitters on an intermittent spray, between 1-2 minutes every hour (or 30 seconds every half hour). On temperate days, it serves as irrigation, but the mist will also help against sudden temperature swings. I know what it's like going from 75°F down to 20°F overnight, it can really take a toll on new growth. Misting will prevent hard frosts (buys you about 8° below freezing before the plant is damaged), and can take the edge off of the heat on those 110° days, bringing it down closer to 95. It's convenient to run on trellised plants, and you set it up the same way you would for a softwood cutting propagation bed.

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Re: good deals on blueberry, paw paw, kiwi seedlings ?
« Reply #31 on: July 31, 2017, 11:35:02 AM »
I got 10 paw paw from new farm supply about a week ago. These where much larger than many I have gotten before. They where nearly two feet tall. Since they are that big, I am hoping they will handle more sun than the tiny ones. I am going to transplant several of them to Maine in a few weeks .. They seem to be alive as they look like they are getting small growths off of the stem since I put them into the ground or pots

 I also planted Chinese chestnut along an edge of sumac. I am hoping these will grow big enough to shade out the sumac and other invasives back in there

 None of those 10 paw paw I got last year survived the winter either at my house in zone 6 or at my camp in zone 4B. They had looked fine all summer long. The ones I order from Oikos seem to survive winters, but they only seem to sell tiny seedlings less than 6" tall. I decided I don't want to plant such small seedlings in the fall. At that size it seems too easy to loose track of them over the winter or perhaps at that size they are likely to not make it to spring.

 Of all the paw paw seedlings I have planted and transplanted, I only have maybe 2 or 4 plants currently growing. I learned early on to transplant them when they are a little bigger and not in direct sun.

 The Persimmon plants I have gotten seem very hardy but they are tiny and seem to grow very slowly.

 I have kiwi plants ten feet tall or more climbing up in the trees but have seen no fruit. I have a few male plants. I mark the male plants by putting rocks around them when I plant them

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Re: good deals on blueberry, paw paw, kiwi seedlings ?
« Reply #32 on: September 25, 2017, 07:06:00 PM »
Just noticed the sticky on the state programs, but here in KY, I can get 2 year pawpaw seedlings in bundles of 10 for $45, a bundle of 50 for $75, or a bundle of 100 for $95, all with free delivery to an in-state address. I'm sure they are a generic pawpaw and not a fruit-focused cultivar, but for that price I can deal with "run of the mill" pawpaws. Those programs are definitely worth checking out.

I know in Indiana, the selection this year included aronias, elderberries, and several others not available in KY, which made me a little jealous.

The wife is already dreading what I order next Spring, and probably rightly so...