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Countryside Reunion 2010 and pics...
« on: July 25, 2010, 07:03:34 PM »
Many of you know of events like Dirttime (which I also attended, info and pics on General thread) but I'll bet most of you don't know about the Countryside magazine reunion that was held the July 4th weekend in Southern Indiana.

I went on a 30 day trip out West to Wyoming and I attended Dirttime, which was awesome. I also wanted to take in any other events that I could, and I read in Countryside magazine that there would be a 'Countryside Reunion' in Southern Indiana. Hmmm, I thought, that sounds interesting. Not really too much information on it, but I planned my trip to swing a little south on the return trip through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Ill., and then finally Southern Indiana.

I'll tell you this - if you like homesteading and permaculture events, you should plan on going to the Countryside Reunion. It was awesome! Sawmills, gardens, ponds, wine-making (and drinking!), lye soap making, flint-knapping, spinning, goat milking demo, goat-butchering demo (different goat), herbal workshop, and more, more, more, more, more, and more.

This event has no official relationship with Countryside magazine, but the magazine puts their (the Reunion's)  announcement in - that's how I found out about it. This was the 10th year running that they did it and it was wonderful! Maybe 150 or so attending, and great people to get to know. It wasn't really all that different from Dirttime. Dirttime was more wilderness-survival orientated. CR 10 was more homesteader oriented. Both had workshops, and even a few workshops were on the same topics. You couldn't lose by attending either one.

Next year Dirttime 11 is planned for June in the Arizona mountains, and I imagine Countryside Reunion 11 will be July 4th again in Indiana. Now I have to figure out how to attend both again! Oh, did I mention that it was FREE, including many meals?

I was given a lush camping spot -

Making Strawberry wine the first night (if I didn't get that mixed up) -

Sawmill in operation -

Rather kewl night scenes -

Did I say gardens?

Showerhouse completed in time for this year's Reunion -

...complete with hot wood-heated water...

Kids fishing in one of the ponds -

People tent-camping all over the place -

People brought items to sell or trade -

The DRAGON - outdoor wood furnace heating 3 buildings -

Summer kitchen building for camper use -

One of many workshops -

How to milk a goat -

Getting close to suppertime -

Teenagers actually having fun off-line -

Blacksmithing -

Canning -

How to butcher a goat -

People coming from all over (see my Wyoming pin?...I put on on NW Ohio, my home, also)

Next July 4th y'all may be popping off fireworks, but I know where I'm going to be.....INDIANA!


See all my pics here but understand my photobucket acc. is new and I'm still organizing it and deleting bad pics...