Author Topic: What Skills are You Working On? Bonus - List The Top 5 Skills You Want to Learn  (Read 34858 times)

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i've been on this forum for years and just now found this!? awesome thread and we're bringing it back!

leatherworking (did some basic stuff from kits but wanna use my own leather from hunts)
hunting (to get some good meat and leather for LW. never been but gonna start this year....hopefully)
trapping/snares/gathering(just another way to put some food in my belly)
blacksmithing tool repair (basic forging and reshaping to fix bum tools)
carpentry (once the house is built i'll have a workshop so i'm gonna make all my benches and what-not. then graduate to framing and furniture)


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In the next year I'm hoping to complete my First Responder.  I was planning on getting my EMT, but I just don't have the time right now with work and my VFD just changed policies so I can get away with First Responder if my primary role is Wildland fire.  I also need to get my S-130/S-190 wildland classes renewed and might look for some other wildland urban interface or incident command classes if I can work them in.

I'm getting back into hiking and backpacking so a lot of my time has been improving my hiking fitness and refreshing my backcountry knowledge regarding the latest advancements and ideas about various pieces of kit.  The ultralight movement has really opened my eyes to how much more can be done with less gear if you're just smarter about the gear you have.  I'm reading Andrew Skurka's book right now and it's a real eye opener.  Some brilliant stuff in there.

I'm continuing to learn from and about permaculture and gardening techniques.  Some of my trees are producing well ahead of schedule (second year) and I really need to learn about pruning so I'll be looking for classes at local nurseries and permaculture clinics in my area.

I'd like to take another combat shooting class, ideally kill two birds with one stone by taking Farnam's Advanced Urban Rifle and Advanced Handgun class.  That said, if they're not offered I'll pick up a class somewhere just to maintain and improve safety and proficiency.

I'd like to learn to be a better husband.  I'm not bad at it, but some days I see a lot of room for improvement.  I need to learn more effective strategies at dealing with conflicts and pick up on some of the more subtle (and less subtle) cues my wife gives me from time to time about my failings in other areas.

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Well, this next year brings wonderful(?) new things for me.  I just got approved for a research grant which greatly frees up my time.  I love teaching, but always feel like I'm in a "rut" teaching, basically, the same classes over and over again.  As of the end of this semester, I have at least one year, with a possibility of an additional year, dedicated to working with grad and post-grad students. With the wonderful advent of the interwebs, this means I only have to walk through the faculty area every now and again, make "important" events and fundraisers, and generally make my peers green with envy.  Everyone else I can do the web-cam thing with.

The wife and I are considering a couple areas for deeper preparedness study, as well:

First off, we're evaluating a couple of paramedic courses to get certified.  At the very least, we want to obtain our Wilderness Medical certification.  There's a 2-week course (on-site supplemented with private study) held up in Wyoming that sounds very promising. 

Second, I want to expand my knowledge on antenna-theory for alternate comms.

We both want to re-attend courses at Thunder Ranch, specifically the Home and Vehicle Defense with Trauma Block and Defensive Team Tactics.  We haven't been able to attend much in the way of shooting training for about 3 years, and it shows.  It also helps not only build confidence in your skillset, but in the weapons, as well.

Third, I'm going to be looking into more primitive skills, specifically edible, naturally-found plants in the Rocky Mountain areas.  I haven't looked into it, but I believe that Mel DeWeese still has a school over in Grand Junction, CO that teaches this particular curriculum.

There are several other areas, but I haven't nailed anything specific down.  With my recent knee surgery, I'm going to be spending a lot of time doing some advanced rehab.  I'm aiming to do some of those "Tough Mudders"  or the other "adventure-type" racing events. But, I have about 40 lbs to lose.  I lift weights, but the repeated pounding on my knees from running made it almost impossible for me to do anything like distance running, pre-surgery.  I still dislike running, but wouldn't mind it so much if I'm running from zombies.

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Only 5? Well i guess my top 5 are...

1) Bowyer
2) Welding
3) Canning
4) Tracking
5) Gardening

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Currently working on:
Spanish (Rosetta Stone)
Guitar (chords)

On my list:
Ham Radio license

Several other secondary ones.

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No particular order:

1 - Learning a variety of knots.
2 - Learning about all the edible plants growing wild in England.
3 - Learning about CCRPP (Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Respiration and Perspiration)
4 - Learning self defense techniques.
5 - Learning natural water sources and purification methods.

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1. First Aid/CPR
2. Swimming (I can manage small distances.  Drop me in the middle of a lake and I'd be screwt.  Which brings me to:
3. Fitness
4. Marksmanship
5. Ham Radio