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White Noise MP3s
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:03:04 PM »

Introduction: The website and its music is owned and run by a sound designer and producer. "White noise" includes a broad range of soundscapes both synthetic and recorded from natural, residential, or business environments. The tracks tend to be about an hour long each without looping.

Purchasing & customer service: I've made three purchases from whitenoiseMP3s over the past 5 months, one a single track and two bulk buys of 6 at a time for the discount. All tracks that I've received have proved the descriptions accurate, as are also the listening samples provided. With each purchase the tracks have been available for download within one minute of completing the order. I have made exchanges twice of multiple tracks that ended up not being helpful for me. One was completed within 2 business days; the other it took about a week and the response included an apology for the delay. The replies provided the downloads I requested in exchange, "no problem". As a courtesy I mentioned that I had deleted the tracks I "returned", even though it was not requested of me - since there is no way to confirm that someone isn't just asking for free music this return system operates on a high level of trust, which makes for pleasant customer service.

Small quibbles: I found the website a bit unintuitive to navigate. Without an index of all the available tracks I kept discovering new ones long after I thought I'd seen them all. Also, the owner's goofiness sometimes goes slightly overboard, e.g. a page I was hoping to find helpful information on turns out to be a cryptic silly phrase instead. At least one page was out of date. After my recent purchase I received an advertising email from the company that manages the website's billing. As it's a tiny operation I doubt the owner has control over this and I've only received it once.

Conclusion: All in all I'm pleased with my experience and the products. Through exchanges I've been able to ensure that the end result of my purchases is that I utilize every single track on a fairly regular basis, which for me translates into money well spent and improved quality of life. It's nice when that works out.  ;D

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Re: White Noise MP3s
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