Author Topic: A new try at bladesmithing  (Read 1633 times)

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A new try at bladesmithing
« on: February 17, 2011, 10:32:40 PM »
Well, this is not a thing of art or beauty, but I decided to share it anyway. This is not the first knife I have made, but it is the first in a long time.  It is also the first that I might be able to expect to get some real use from. The first where I hand an idea of what I might be doing.

I was inspired by very nice blade that my friend made a little while back.  I was instantly drawn to his knife.  I wanted it.  He was not giving it up all that easy, and I under stood.  I did weasel a request for one just like it.

In my downtime at the gunshop, I have been making strikers to teach flint and steel to a group of boy scouts.  I picked up some trashed bastard files from local pawn shops on the cheap. A 3 ΒΌ inch chunk of a 12 inch file make a pretty good little striker once the edge is ground down.  I also had in the stack a few 10 inch bastards as well.  They work fine, but the heft is just not as good as far as I figure.

I set to annealing the file and working it.

The Blade shape came easily, but I really just could not figure out how I was going to do the handle.  Lack of skill and experience lead me to what I have done before.  I paracord handle.  I marked out the dept of the slots on the tang and when after it with a hack way and grinder.

I made some significant flaws with the grinder, butting a good sized divot on each side.  It clean up nice when the metal was still soft, but one I heat treated the steal, it was rather glaring again.

I chose a scandi grind to emulate the one that my friend had make (in turn inspired by a Mora) and it is likely the simplest geometry to start with given my experience level.

I had intended to go with a different wrap with the paracord, but when I noticed my mistake I found that I like the pattern that I was using much better.  The tails of the paracord are joined buy cobra stitch brad about six links long that will hold its place or slide to be adjusted easily. The ends are simple overhand knots, but I may change that to something fancier

Like I said, it is nothing all that special, but it has me excited.  I am planning to take it out in the dirt to give it a test very soon, and get some pointers from my friend.. I already have started on my next one.  I am still going to try to get him to make me one.  I have a LONG way to go.

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Re: A new try at bladesmithing
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2011, 11:57:29 PM »
Good job! It does look like a mora ..But I like yours better! Good job with the paracord. Inspired me not to throw away any dull files! Kudo's to you in teaching boy scouts.. My years in scouting as a youth have honestly molded me into what I am today.
Thanks for sharing your work.