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DIY indoor container irrigation.
« on: February 01, 2009, 01:51:28 AM »
I have been fighting with growing plants indoors for a while now. I live in an apartment with a north facing window. I got a metal shelf set and put that together, put that in the sliding glass door window. I used window insulation film, and wrapped 3 sides to keep the cold drafts and cats out of the shelves. I added some florescent light fixtures and am starting to play with LED lighting.

I got light, but I keep killing my plants because I don't water them often enough.

So, this week I put together a drip and soaker hose irrigation setup that I will run on a timer.

I have a full write up and youtube vidoes at

It's a conglomeration of parts and 'make it fits' that I have acquired over a year now with the long term goal of building this system, and eventually a hydroponics system. I bought a end of season sale container irrigation kit from walmart. A couple of water pumps from harbor freight. I used a rubbermaid storage tub for the water.

I still need to find or make a timer for this system. I am currently manually turning it on and off until I get a feel for how much water it is putting out.

My cat nail trimmers happened to be right there when I was looking to cut the small tubing. Let me tell you, they work awesome for cutting tubing. Nice, clean straight cuts without crushing the tube.

I am still trying to figure out how it's going to finally be set up.
I am thinking of putting a 10 gallon fish tank at the very top.
Probably have the rubbermaid container on the bottom shelf pump up to the fish tank on top. Build a weir to do overflow on the fish tank into an ebb and flow hydroponics commingled with the potted plants that are irrigated out of the same system. The excess water flows back into the tote. I just keep the tote at a certain water level range. No picking water up high.
Use the small pump placed in the fish tank for the potted plants irrigation. Use the big pump to set up a ebb and flow hydroponics out of the tote and to fill the aquarium.

I really have too many different goals and plans for this one small space - indoor container gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, internet connected waterers with low water email or SMS alerts, webcams. It will take me a while to see what actually gets built out.

Any suggestions?