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Paying Down Your Principle


Hello Everyone:
Been listening to the show for about 2 months now. I enjoy alot about the topics on here. This is my first post. It's not really a question but a philosophy that I have, that is reinforced by listening to Jack's information and my gut. I'm aggressively paying down my mortgage. I will have her paid off in Nov. 2011. I figure my home is the best place to put my money. Who knows what's gonna happen to banks, credit unions, stocks, bonds or the dollar in general. I didn't pay too much for it and I'm far from upside down. I have a better appreciation for it since listening to the show, great southern exposure, plenty of land for raised beds. It's Energy efficient too.  I just have to get a generator in place just in case of power disruption. Is anyone else doing the same?


Yep, we just cleared our last non-mortgage debt and have our emergency fund in place (6 months).  We are now focused on getting the house debt gone.  Without house debt, we can live like kings on my salary - or live on next to nothing during hard times.

Good for you!

I wish I could say I was in a similar situation but unfortunately my current situation doesn't allow for me to do so.  :(


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