Author Topic: Soil/ Clay/ Zeolite Water filtration system to get out radioactive particulate??  (Read 2225 times)

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In light of the recent developments in the radiation situation I have been trying to devise a long term source of safe drinking water. I am thinking that  a Soil/clay/zeolite system (Big!!! Like a 50 gallon drum full?? Or more?) in combination with reverse osmosis is probably the safest bet.

Anyone else thinking along the same lines? Come across a DIY plan??

I have an email out to Jack too, thought it would be a good little tidbit for a show.

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If you know which isotope you want to capture, you may be able to pick a zeolite that will work, but how are you planning on predicting which to target?

Also, lets try some math.

(Volume of drum) - (Volume of filter) = (void space)
(Void Space)/Flow Rate) = (Retention Time)

Assuming you want to use most of the space in the drum for filtering rather than storing water, say 60% filter volume.
50 gal- 30 gal= 20 gallons of water in drum
Assuming two people at two gallons per day each, 4 gallons used per day.
20 gallons/4gpd=5days retention time

Is a five day retention enough to trap the desired pollutants?  How do you plan on cleaning it?  Will filtration of microbes and other particulate clog your zeolite?  I wish you the best of luck.  But I think you ought to run it by an environmental engineer if you truly want a long term solution.  It is an interesting idea, but from my limited time in the field, I would think you would need a far larger system.  Maybe you would be better off with a couple large slow sand prefilters and them a couple of your drums of zeolite.  Shine the clay, it isn't porous enough to work on gravity, and you probably don't want to burn all your energy on filtration if the slow sand filter will do the job.