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Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer
« on: April 27, 2011, 08:43:47 AM »
OK... I realize that a hand mixer may not be the top item that a prepper would be looking for. But, in most households, we expect and are accustomed to having power available and find that a hand mixer is very convenient for smaller projects (cakes, frosting, etc.) and we don't haul out the Kitchen Aid stand mixer except for breads and larger quantity baking.

So... after having a great little hand mixer for probably 14 years or so, my old hand mixer died just before Christmas 2010. I decided, since the next mixer presumably could be expected to last a similar life, to buy a bit better model than cheapest model I could find. So, I bought the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Classic Hand Mixer with the Stainless Steel finish:

Almost immediately, the mixer gave me trouble. I think something is wrong with the timing of the beaters and they occasionally hit each other. After only a couple of uses, one of the beaters actually broke (physically, the beater came apart at the top part where the outer bend meets the center rod). I called Hamilton Beach, they had already had other complaints of the same nature, so didn't quibble over sending me a new set of beaters.

Well, after using it for the past 4 months, it now smokes and has a burning smell if I use it for anything that is the slightest bit stiff (creaming butter that isn't completely melted, for example).

Today I decided to call them and tell them that the mixer is defective. So... they told me they would replace it under the warranty agreement, but that I'd be required to 1) cut off the plug and mail it to them first and 2) pay $9.95 for them to ship me a new one. (this was them being extra nice and not requiring me to send them the entire unit). ***Note*** This mixer only cost me about $25 at the BX brand new.

I told them that I realized that shipping things cost them money and those were the terms of the warranty, but that I have no intention of sending any more good money after bad, and especially 30% of the original purchase price. My point was that we had a record of the mixer being faulty from the outset, based on my earlier dealings with them and that I was not a novice when it comes to operating a hand mixer. This was not a case of operator error. After being directed to a supervisor, I was eventually told that they would, as a courtesy, ship me the new mixer free of charge as soon as they received the detached plug end from the mixer I have now.

I just cannot in good conscience recommend anyone purchase a mixer from Hamilton Beach. This is clearly a case of a defective product. No one needs the hassle.