Author Topic: Financial Repression: the strategy of debt-laden Western govs  (Read 1441 times)

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There is a way to beat Financial Repression. How? Succinctly phrased: the first step is to stop thinking like a sheep and start thinking like a shepherd. Stop acting like a sheep, and change your financial profile so that it aligns with the objectives of the "shepherds", the governments of the world.


The fundamentals of Financial Repression are for governments to pin down their citizens, force them to take interest rates that are below the government-induced rate of inflation, and make it almost impossible for an older investor with a conventional financial profile to escape. This is a time to fight the good fight politically - but not with your savings or your future standard of living.


So how does one stop thinking and acting like a sheep? This can be amazingly simple, or it can be impossibly difficult. It is you and the way your mind works that will determine whether thinking like a shepherd will become simple or be impossible. How open are you - truly - to changing the way you view investments and financial security? Can you change the personal paradigm that may have shaped your worldview for decades?