Author Topic: A "making-do" chicken run  (Read 2884 times)

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A "making-do" chicken run
« on: February 11, 2009, 06:11:49 AM »
Last May we were having poison put out for rats and needed to keep our chickens kept in safe.   The run under their house and the extension run were not going to be enough to keep all 9 of them safe and happy (with room for them to get out of the way of a bullying hen)  for a month or so, so my husband made another little run to add on.  He used parts from an old crib, parts from an old broken shelf thing, a few bits of wood from here and there, and some fence netting our neighbors gave us. 

In the last photo you can sort of see how we put it next to the coop and extension run - it was at right angles and to close the gaps at the top and side opposite to the make-do run we used more crib parts, and rolled the fencing over the top and down the side and attached it somehow.   It wasn't real sturdy, but sturdy enough, and did the job for the length of time we needed it to.   He finally took it apart a month or two ago.   It wasn't real pretty but I thought it was a good example of using what you have.  I don't think he bought anything to make it. 

The larger brown hen in the last photo is a large breed- buff orpington - and although the run looks short, even she had plenty of room. 

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Re: A "making-do" chicken run
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2009, 10:44:21 AM »
Another testament to the ease of keeping chickens.  :D

But I tell ya, when you come back stateside.. sure hope you put up for sale some of those  "tactical lemon meringue pies"  That looks gooood.