Author Topic: SURVIVAL IS LOOKING AFTER NO. 1 by Kurt Saxon (c)1976; Review  (Read 2582 times)

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SURVIVAL IS LOOKING AFTER NO. 1 by Kurt Saxon (c)1976; Review
« on: February 12, 2009, 01:36:03 PM »
I found this 33 year old article by Mr. saxon online today and it peaked my curiosity and reminded me to always keep perspective.

Contained in the following article is interesting and relevant content that when compared to the problems being encountered in world at large today doesn't really seem to be all that different or uncommon than 33 years ago.

The theme remains basically the same then as it is now -

~ Alarmism; fear mongering, in whatever form, seems to be a fixation that spans the 33 year gap.
~ Resource exploitation than as now has an immediate impact on individual and world politics.
~ Economics, food prices, sustainable populations, and workforces are in the consciousness.
~ Weather and agricultural surpluses.
~ Preparations for hard times and self-reliant living in the face of it all.

So, with all the potential "catastrophe" that's possible, I submit to you that life as we know it today is just an extension of at least what seems to be a 33 year ride to the same destination.

What do you think?


SURVIVAL IS LOOKING AFTER NO. 1 by Kurt Saxon (c)1976

     Alarmists all around the country are promising disasters such
as super inflation, famine, foreign invasion, the triumph of
communism/fascism, nuclear war, etc...

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Re: SURVIVAL IS LOOKING AFTER NO. 1 by Kurt Saxon (c)1976; Review
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2009, 10:31:04 PM »
Looks to me like a good article.

I have been following the crude oil discussions for several years, and to my mind that is what will take down life as we know it.  I think already the financial panic we are in was set off by high oil prices.  Of course the monetary system was an accident waiting to happen anyway.

I was impressed by one of Kurt Saxon's other articles on guns where he recommended we would be better off with a pistol, shotgun and high powered, high accuracy rifle than going for rapid fire weapons.  The article is at:
(You need to select "Self Defense" in the left panel, and then the article is Fantasy & Weaponry".)

My own take on the future is fairly extreme.  I think that oil production will decline from here forward, and the cost of what we do produce will just keep on increasing.  By 2020 or 2030, we likely will be forced to live off of 1/2 or even as bad as 1/3 of the oil we now get, and this will not be enough to keep the industrial age going.  There is no adequate replacement and all of the things that are talked about would require a huge investment of resources which we do not have.  The average age of the electric power generators is 40 years, near the end of their lives, and without oil we cannot even maintain that.  Almost all resources are at critical levels.  Have you, for example,  read about the phosphorus problem, with production in irreversible decline, and phosphorus is an essential nutrient for our food crops?

The most likely future is no electricity, significantly reduced food production, civil war in the US, and by 2050 more than 2/3 of the population dead.  And I am not talking about that far into the future.  So I see the Saxon article you referenced to be germane, especially to younger people.