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« on: July 24, 2011, 12:09:51 PM »
Just wanted to drop in and throw my support behind the podcast statements regarding college.

I'm a high school dropout who, after working three and four jobs at a time to feed my family, finally joined the Army in 1990. I didnt get into one of those Army jobs that guarantee a good career in the civilian world, either. I was a Radar O'Reilly - a paperwork guy. This was when personal computers were just starting to be adopted and found in many homes and I was a hobbyist. It seemed like every duty assignment I went to was very disorganized, so I took the time to learn how to set up simple tracking databases to figure out where all the paperwork was in terms of being processed. The performance improvements gained got the attention of my superiors, and suddenly I was being moved from section to section, setting up automated administration to manage the flow of paper and basic information. I kept that up for my entire 10 year Army career - never once attending a class, technical course, or military training.

21 years later I still have never done anything besides self-taught technical education. I'm an IT manager for a major casino, making in excess of $100k annual. Every time I turn around, I'm having to explain basic corporate finance to MBA "grads" or other educated "professionals". My career is built entirely on my reputation and not having the piece of paper on the wall has only hurt me in one regard: I have to fight sometimes to get an initial interview. To tell the truth, getting the interview is about being persistent and selling yourself, which is just confidence in your own skills and knowledge.

The point is, you DONT need a college education to be successful, and I'll argue that much of what is taught in colleges is not "real world" info and has to be unlearned when you enter the job market.

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Re: College
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2011, 01:51:50 PM »
Excellent, tox. thanks for sharing your experience. I think that (especially with the rising cost of a college education) it is not always necessary to get the degree to do work that pays well and that you enjoy doing.