Author Topic: Episode 140-Venomous snake bites and electric shock  (Read 1804 times)

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Episode 140-Venomous snake bites and electric shock
« on: February 13, 2009, 09:25:26 PM »
Jack's topic the other day got me thinking about what someone told me about using a stun gun to treat a snake bite.  I've gone quail hunting in the desert near El Paso a few times, and the West Texas native I went with carrys a stun gun to treat rattlesnake bites.  I'd forgotten about his stories until I listened to Episode 140.  The information on line seems to point to the official sources like the FDA, NEJM, etc saying it doesn't work, or the risk outweighs the benefits.  Other sources indicate that it does work, based on studies in other countries.

I tend to give snakes a wide berth, and plan on getting snake guards before heading out for a brisk sprint after quail in the desert again.  Anyone have any opinions and or experience with using electric shock to treat a snake bite?