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Tasco Scopes
« on: August 14, 2011, 08:44:25 PM »
I bought a used rifle & scope in 1967 when I got out of the army.  I banged it around until sometime in the 80s and the scope froze up to where I couldn't change the power.  I progressively got more abusive trying to fix it, and finally tore it up trying to twist it with channel locks!  LOL  I put it in a box and mailed it back to Tasco with a note.  I told them it was way out of warranty, was used when I bought it, didn't know how old it really was, and how I had abused it when I tried to fix it.  Told them to just let me know how much to fix it.  If too much, I would just buy a new scope.  I got a NEW scope, quickly, and NO CHARGE.  I've bought Tasco scopes ever since.