Author Topic: Frankenstein Chamber Adapter?  (Read 3740 times)

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Frankenstein Chamber Adapter?
« on: August 15, 2011, 04:35:10 PM »
If Frankenstein had invented a chamber adapter, it would have been this one.

I Just tested one of my many cartridge adapters, evaluating it for survival possibilities.

As chamber adapters go it is quite unusual. 
The aluminum adapter holds a 22 Long Rifle HP cartridge out into the neck of the chamber. 
Then a swagged pure lead cap is pressed onto the 22 bullet.  (There is a small pin swagged into the cap for the hollow point to center on).

It is an interesting concept that really works. 
Several brands of 22 cartridges were tested. 
The American Eagle by Federal was the best performer.

Average velocity with the Eagles was  861.7 FPS with a Standard Deviation of only 11.9 FPS
Best group at 25 yards was 0.50" nine shots with a called out flyer for the tenth.

This would be a good adapter to carry while hunting. 
A quick exchange to the adapter puts a 25 Cal Wadcutter in the gun for the occasional small game.

I also tested my 25ACP/257 Roberts adapter and one I had made that uses shotgun shell primers to propel heavy 25 Cal. airgun pellets.
If anyone is interested, I report on them too.