Author Topic: bifurcated monetary system?  (Read 1124 times)

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bifurcated monetary system?
« on: October 24, 2011, 11:14:32 AM »
I read the thread about Louisiana attempting to ban cash purchases...then I thought of how fast that 1099 Obamacare reporting requirement got slapped down on precious metals purchases...then I thought about what I've observed in coin shops recently:  namely (most of) the 99%ers selling grandma's silverware or dad's old watch, and the 1%ers making huge purchases of precious metals--just as an example I saw a guy drop $75000 on physical gold like it was nothing this Saturday at the local coin shop.

put yourself into the shoes of a failing empire.  You're needing to do increased controls on proles comings and goings, you're needing to collect more tax revenue from the 'undesirables,' maybe you want to even do a population cull on the down-low.

Once the oligarchs' cash-for-gold scams and various other types of shakedowns of real wealth have run their course...and the oligarchs have successfully transferred all of the easily-swindled real wealth to their own coffers...wouldn't it make sense to ban cash transactions completely?  So that substantial purchases (land, real estate, mineral rights, water rights) between rich people can be handled on a tax-free basis using gold or silver or slaves?  Meanwhile require all the TV-addled On-Grid Joe Schmoes to conduct every transaction with Rothschild Plastic Preferred Consumer cards so that the London Moneymasters can get their 15% or 20% cut directly?