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Making your finances simple
« on: October 14, 2011, 08:15:23 PM »
About two years ago, I opened my ING savings account. I started the account to help me save for an emergency fund. Today, I have 9 savings accounts opened under my original account. I use my ING account to set aside money each month for taxes, life/car insurance, car repairs, association fees, vacations and big purchases. That way, I’m never surprised by a large bill. I set it to withdraw the money right after I get paid so it’s like I never had it. All my bills are paid automatically and after saving $125/mo for two years, I took my wife to St. Martin for 12 days. Now, we both save $125/mo and go every year! The only thing I ever have to do is occasionally transfer money from one account to the other. Just set it and forget it!

I know there are people on this board that have problems with big banks... but ING has actually improved my quality of life.