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DIY CHEAP! antenna
« on: November 08, 2011, 06:16:37 AM »
I built the easiest form of antenna there is, a folded dipole, using this as a guide

Cost breakdown:

The things that were free:

Screws I had from a sub-flooring project
Wire hangers from mother-in-law

Transformer converter thingy (RadioShack) $5
2x4 (Lowes) <$3
Angle brackets (Lowes) $3
Washers (Lowes) <$2

Total cost < $15

Not to mention, I still have plenty of 2x4, angle brackets and washers left over to build a better model (Gray-Hoverman) that is also demonstrated on the antenna site linked above. I will be building one of those and putting it in my attic, then running cable down to the TV. For that build I will also probably use the copper ground that I will strip out of some 12 gauge wire I have leftover from other projects.

The average person will have MOST of this stuff just lying around waiting to be disposed of or better yet re-purposed. So re-purpose it to save you some freaking money on your cable bill! With the extra time you have not stupifying yourself watching boring TV shows, get outside and have some real fun and learn important things, trust me you will feel better, okay I digress!

Here is a picture,

This thing picked up over 20 channels just sitting on my first floor right beside the TV. I'm also about 50 yards south from a local Cable/ISP that has a massive tower blocking the north where most of the channels are broadcast from. So even with a fairly large interference factor this little sucker did quite well. A lot of channels had weak signal though, so I'm hoping a better design like the Gray-Hoverman will perform better.

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Re: DIY CHEAP! antenna
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2011, 06:34:32 AM »
Good work Skibler.   Those are the kind of DIY projects that really shine.  +1

Thanks for sharing the link.