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Magazines, T-shirts, Zippo Emergency Firestarters
« on: November 18, 2011, 01:07:52 AM »
We have some new items in the gearshop!

NEW TSP T-shirts - these are the shirts that Jack had me design artwork for. He produced them to sell at the self-reliance expo, and we got what he had left at the end. These are limited, so get one soon!

TSP Recipe eBook (PDF Format) - Roswell and LvsChant edited this straight from the TSP Forum. They're an ebook so they are delivered immediately upon purchase. This (their first book in a series) has recipes for home and hearth. It contains recipes for various types of cleaners (laundry, kitchen, bath and all-purpose), as well as personal hygiene items (soaps, deodorants, shampoos, salve) and general use items for the household.

Down To The Roots Magazine Volume 7, Issue 1. This is Cedar's magazine. It's amazing how much she can pack into one issue. You'll find everything from Off Grid solar electricity to Sustainable Grazing and its pros and cons in this issue. Pick one up and support our forum members by doing so!

Survival Quarterly Magazine - Yup! We are now carrying every issue of SQ Mag thus far produced. If you've missed it so far, pick it up now. The memorial issue is especially touching and beautifully done.

Zippo Emergency Fire Starters - When we saw these at SHOT show in January of last year, we knew we had to have them for the store, and here they are! Zippo Fire Starters. They hold absolutely no fuel (they are NOT a lighter), but they have a sparker at one end, and they contain 3 wax covered pieces of cotton (this is your fuel). To use them, you pull one of the wax sticks out of the compartment, fray the end, spark it with the sparker, and voila! Fire!

That's it for now. We'll be adding more in the next month or two so stay tuned!